30 Before 30

Here are the 30 things I wanted to do before I turned 30. Completed! Click on each to read about it.

  1. Move out of my little apartment.
  2. Do something awesome for my 30th birthday.
  3. Go on a cruise or travel out of the country.
  4. Save more money.
  5. Meet a fellow blogger.
  6. Take a sign language class.
  7. Pay for someone else at a drive-thru.
  8. Buy a crockpot.
  9. Try a new vegetable.
  10. Try a new fruit.
  11. Do something outdoorsy.
  12. Host a themed party.
  13. Go to the Holocaust Museum.
  14. Sing karaoke.
  15. Actually run (at least make an attempt) a 5K.
  16. Go skating.
  17. Go camping.
  18. Ride a mechnical bull.
  19. Floss more.
  20. Post a nice note like in Operation Beautiful.
  21. Get my Master’s degree.
  22. Do something “green.”
  23. Do something “artsy.”
  24. Get engaged.
  25. Try a new recipe (that’s not a dessert).
  26. Go to the library for books instead of Borders.
  27. Visit a fortune teller/palm reader/psychic.
  28. Go to a concert.
  29. Buy a mixer.
  30. Pet a wolf.

More Posts (because some things were so awesome they needed multiple posts):

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