#8. Steal a Crockpot

Remember back when I said that I was conveniently “forgetting” to return my mom’s crockpot in hopes that she would forget I had it and then I could keep it?

On Thanksgiving my mom announced that I’m allowed to keep her crockpot. It was a Thanksgiving Day miracle! (Blarney is my witness.)

That crosses #8 off my 30 Before 30 list.

Only 15 activities left. I reached the halfway point on my list!

But I’m about to plow right through the halfway point because this weekend…this weekend….

I’m shivering with antici—SAY IT!—pation. I can’t even type.

This weekend Princess and I are flying to Florida to…to…to pet a wolf!

My cup of excitement overflowth. (Overfloweth?) Whatever. I can’t let these trivial spelling details weigh me down.

In case you’re wondering, I’ve decided not to don the Little Red Riding Hood outfit for my wolf visit. Seems like an accident waiting to happen.

My dear blog readers, just in case I’m mauled by a wolf, please know that I’ll miss you.

At least I’ll be with Pete. This one, not this one or this one.


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