I’m Your Roller Disco Queen

#16 on the 30 Before 30 list has been accomplished: Rollerskating.

This is me and Kiefer:

Ok, so that’s not really me and Kiefer. The rollerskates that we had were ugly…and plastic. And they gave me blisters. Bastards….

But that didn’t stop me from rollerskating like a madwoman. I didn’t fall down…not even once!

I hadn’t been rollerskating since elementary school, so the first lap involved me clinging to the railing too afraid to shake my fist at the young whippersnappers speeding by me: “Slow your roll!”

But then I found my groove and skated circles around those youngin’s!

I even tried skating backwards, which basically meant I moved about 5 feet before I gave upย  decided that Kiefer might interpret skating backwards as a metaphor for my expectations of our relationship.

Only a few more things on the list to cross off. And about 2.5 months left to do it.

UPDATE: I forgot to mention that skating up behind Kiefer, pinching his butt, and then darting off is a fun skating game. For me, not for you. You can’t pinch Kiefer’s butt.


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