12. My Night in Hawaii

Aloha! A few nights ago Kiefer and I threw a Luau Party and accomplished #12 on my 30 Before 30 List.

The best part about the luau party was that because it’s September, all of the luau party supplies were on sale. We bought leis, a tiki bar sign, a luau party sign, grass skirts, fun-colored staws, coconut cups, and some grass-skirted tablecloths. (You’ll see in the picture that Kiefer already had some tiki torches.)

Me and Blarney

We ate kabobs and shrimp, and I made a Hawaiian Cake. Definitely make this recipe. It was so tasty.

I halved the recipe because I can’t be trusted with that much cake.

As the night went on, craziness ensued. You’ll notice in the picture above that Blarney is wearing a coconut bra (with a swimsuit top underneath). 

Later that night, the coconut bra was passed around to various men at the party. Because you know…that’s what alcohol does to men. It makes them want to wear bras. Coconut bras in particular.

I have amazing artistic ability, so this picture should be better than any photo.

I know what you’re thinking. Yes, my friends all look like Mr. Bill.


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