#19. Floss More

With 4 months to go until I turn 3-0, I reviewed my 30 Before 30 list.

I still have 12 things to do. But I’m not stressed. Yet.

This month I decided to tackle flossing. Setting a goal to floss every day in February seemed easy like a good idea since it is the shortest month. (I’m cheating working the system.)

If I floss every day this month…

  • I’ll have flossed more in a month than I floss all year. Well, maybe not a year, but close….
  • Maybe I will create a good habit and continue to floss more often.
  • Even more importantly, my teeth and gums will impress the dentist for my appointment in March.

Since the month is half over, I thought I’d let you see my progress. I’ve already missed two days. Oops. I probably have gingivitis already (Note to self: It’s “gingi” not “ginger”). The dentist is going to know I’m a bad flosser.

Dentist: By the looks of your gums, I’d say you forgot to floss for 2 days at the beginning of February.

Me: You read my blog, don’t you?

Dentist: No. I’m just awesome.

I’ll post the calendar again at the end of February.

Dear Blarney, I’m sorry that our bathroom mirror looks like the victim of an acne-ridden teenager. It’s just my plaque. I’ll buy some Windex on my way home from work.


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