The British Are Coming!

St. Patrick’s Day was aweschsome! (I like the word better with the “schs” sound, so I’m submitting a request to Merriam-Webster for a new spelling.)

The dentist loved my flossed, healthy, nonbleeding gums. But he said I need to floss better on the top. Always a critic. I only missed 3 flippin’ days!

Next up…Kiefer and I hosted a St. Patty’s Day happy hour. I made Rocky Road cookies. Delicious! And easy!

But the real show stopper was Kiefer’s Irish Soda Bread. Which is actually Jim’s Cheddar and Onion Soda Bread.

But I’m retitling it Cheddar, Onion, and Crack Bread. Because there must have been crack in it.

I cannot stress to you how tasty it was. Make it. Right now. Then send me a piece. Seriously. I’ll trade you a Pop-Tart. That’s how good it was.

After filling up on crack bread and cookies, we headed down to a local Irish bar. Everyone drank Guinness except for me (I don’t like beer). Psssh. Light weights. I did shots.

Anyways, the highlights of the evening came from our new British friends:

  • Saying the following words are a bad idea:  “wanker,” “sod,” and “rivers.” Don’t ask me to explain “rivers.” I can’t. It’s too dirty.
  • Say “tampoons,” not “tampons.” Ok, so maybe the Brit was just really drunk.
  • The Brits forgave us for dumping their tea.
  • The Brits are throwing a July 3rd party this summer.

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