#26: Library vs. Borders

Borders, my bookstore addiction. Over the last few years, I’ve spent hours there reading and roaming, and I’ve spent hundreds of dollars there on books and hot chocolate.

Once a week, Borders lures me in with its 33% off coupons. Making me think “But I have a coupon, I have to buy a book!”

In an effort to save money (and lose weight by cutting out the gallons of hot chocolate I gulp down there), I’m trying to get into the habit of frequenting the library. So I made it #26 on my 30 Before 30 List.

Visiting the library was no easy feat. Did you know the library closes at 5:00 PM on Friday? And then it doesn’t open until 10:00 AM on Saturday? Imagine me outside pounding on the door like a zombie and chanting, “Books…Books!”

After days of near misses, I finally made it. Blarney went with me, so she’s my witness. And here’s my proof.

I’m actually thinking of doing an occasional blog post about what I read in Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus. Then you don’t have to read it. Anyone interested?

#26 on my 30 Before 30 completed!


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20 responses to “#26: Library vs. Borders

  • Denise

    I’m a total coupon shopping justifier too! If I have a coupon it would be a shame to waste it and I can’t pass up the opportunity to save money! I have the same problem at payless shoes when they do their BOGO 1/2 sales- can you really walk out with less than 4 pairs in that case????

    Love the library and have been trying to use it more for myself (we always go for Bruce) as well. I just don’t read a novel that fast so I hesitate a lot. I’ve been using it a lot for movies as well- saving a bundle! However, the book stores are sooooo far from my house and the library is right down the road.

    I’ve read 2 of ur 3 books. Any book with shoes on the cover will undoubtedly catch my eye. If the phone book put a pair of cute heels on the cover I would probably read that too! the movie version of that book is great and I don’t usually endorse movies made from books. happy reading!

    • thoughtsappear

      You’re right, you definitely need at least 4 pairs of shoes with that sale.

      I just went to add In Her Shoes to my Netflix list, and lo and behold, I’ve already seen that movie and never realized it was based on a book.

      Which other book did you read?

      • Denise

        Mars and Venus. You’re doing your readers a service reading it for us- although I bet my reading it at 36 would be much different than my reading it at 20. lol – It has some insightful and funny stuff but isn’t exactly a page turner.

  • Blarney

    Do it! If you blog it, we will read!

  • Abby

    Very interested. I’ve heard about that book, and would like to see you do a blog post!

    I don’t really visit the bookstore as much these days, although I LOVE books. I don’t like my library’s opening hours. During the summer, they close on Sunday and close after noon on Saturday. Not happy about it.

  • Marliz3e

    Nicely done!!
    I haven’t visited the library in three to four years, and happy to say I am glad about it, the library in town SUCKS! And I love books, so now I get to buy books, re-sell them if I don’t wanna read it again. But mostly I buy books worth rereading!
    What Anne Rice book is that?? Looks like something I would love to read!

    Will definetly read a blog about Men are form Mars! Lol

  • planejaner

    i love love love our local library. love it. When I homeschooled a few years back, it was my lifesaver.
    in fact…I generally only check out books from the library…then once I am done, if I really loved it, I’ll go buy a used copy to put on my bookshelves…

    way to go!

  • Bitten by Reality

    I’ve always wanted to read it, so you’ll save me the time! LOL I too am a book junkie. Lately I’ve been frequenting the used book stores and searching the $1 shelves. I’ve found a couple good ones (hardcover even) for only a buck! AND I could make it back at a garage sale since people around here will pay $1 (or more sometimes) for a used book. 🙂

  • blogmella

    I’ve read “Men Are From Mars…” and a whole host of other relationship books. They are all awesome, even the crap ones. I’m looking forward to you posting about it.

  • izziedarling

    Your future posts about that book promise great entertainment for the rest of us. Love the library b/c FREE but always lose the books I checked out. And the ones I paid for pile up and mock me. Oh well.

  • jensanders52

    I had to start frequenting the library also. Not only because buying books (even with a coupon) gets expensive, but because I was running out of room to put the books!!!

    I do love the library, but I am awful about returning books on time!

    I would love to hear what you learn in the Mars and Venus book… I’ve always been a little curious! 😉

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