The Night I Screamed “Yee-haw!”

So I have good news and bad news.

The bad news is that I didn’t scream “Yee-haw!” The other bad news is that Kiefer is procrastinating…again. He has several pictures and a video of the mechanical bull riding from Friday night, and he won’t give them to me.

The good news is I bullied badgered begged bribed pouted nagged asked him very nicely, and he finally sent me a picture.

Is it just me or do I kinda resemble the little dead girl from The Ring?

See how my legs are back? That does not allow for maximum riding time. After observing other bull riders, I noticed people that gripped their legs around the bull’s neck seemed to stay on longer.

Anyways, while I’m waiting for more pics, here’s a teaser:

After riding the bull alone, a friend and I decided to ride together. Getting on a bull with someone else on it is really tricky. Here’s the procedure for that:

  1. Person #1 mounts the bull.
  2. Person #2 jumps onto the bull and slides off the back.
  3. Person #2 jumps again and unknowingly grabs Person #1’s boobs.
  4. Person #2 moves hands to a better location.
  5. Person #2 assures Kiefer her boyfriend that she still loves him, isn’t changing “teams,” and the groping was purely accidental.

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