The Road to Recovery

Raise your hand if you…

  • Ate too many mashed potatoes and gravy. (Don’t worry, I didn’t need to steal Blarney’s gravy.)
  • Ate too much dessert.
  • Spent the wee hours of Friday morning cursing other Black Friday shoppers.
  • Spent Friday evening cursing people at a local bar blocking me from the glorious and tasty crab dip.
  • Spent Friday night cursing myself for falling asleep on the couch at 7:30 while watching a movie.
  • Tasted asparagus for the first time in hopes that karma would kick in and somehow make trying  asparagus cancel out an extra pound or two.
  • Spent Sunday morning at church praying to miraculously drop the gravy weight.

As of this morning, the extra gravy weight is still there. That’s ok though. I’m willing to give karma and prayer an extra day to work their magic.

Anyone else go Black Friday shopping? I was up at 4 AM, which is when Kiefer normally gets up for work, and out the door by 4:30.

I was back by 6:30 when I crawled back into bed to sleep, but not before using my cold hands and feet to wake up Kiefer (cause I’m evil like that).

Are you wondering how I managed to get all my shopping done and be home in 2 hours?

I Pre-Black Friday shop.

Pre-Black Friday shopping is the week of Thanksgiving when I go to all my Black Friday stores, pick out the clothes I want, try them on for correct sizing, and then put the clothes back.

Friday morning I’m grab clothes in predetermined sizes and walk directly to the cashier while laughing at other women waiting for a dressing room or trying on clothes in aisles.

Switching gears…I felt like it had been awhile since I crossed something off my 30 Before 30 List—hence the need to try asparagus. I figured I might as well try the vegetable that would make my pee smell funny.

I didn’t really like the asparagus. It had a weird aftertaste. Just goes to show that trying something new always backfires with a picky eater like me.

And although I didn’t give it a big sniff, I’m happy to report that 2 bites of asparagus is a safe limit to not have your pee smell funny.


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