Howl With the Wolves…So They Don’t Eat You

For weeks #30 on my 30 Before 30 List has remained blank.

It taunted me.


Ha ha! (#30 sounds like Nelson in The Simpsons.) You’ll never think of a 30th item. And that means you’ll never turn 30.

To which, I reply, “Fine by me.”

Except what if I skip age 30 and move right to 31? Hence the need for #30 ASAPAIC.*

Drumroll, please.

30. Pet a wolf. (Thank you, Cinderella Sleeps in Snow.)

I’ve researched it. You can pet a wolf at Seacrest Wolf Preserve in Florida. I can’t wait! Can I go now? Now? What about now?

After hanging out with the butterflies at the Smithsonian, I’m ready to step it up to a bigger animal.

  • One that I can pet.
  • One that won’t get stuck in my hair.
  • One with sharper teeth.

Do you think it would be a bad idea to dress up as Little Red Riding Hood when I visit? Has anyone petted any cool animals? Any tips for me? Other than don’t roll around in raw meat beforehand.

*I read on Living Dilbert’s blog (from Fix It or Deal) awhile ago that “ASAP” actually means “After Some Apple Pie.” I think I’m going to make ASAPAIC catch on. (After Some Apple Pie And Ice Cream.)


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27 responses to “Howl With the Wolves…So They Don’t Eat You

  • Hippie Cahier

    1. LOVE this new way of looking at ASAP and the AIC is a fabulous idea.

    2. My recent Italy synchronicities have been replaced by butterfly synchronicities, so I must check that out. What does it all MEAN????

    3. Once upon a time, long ago, when Kateebee was really about 4-and-a-half, we were visiting a wind farm and she reached out to pet one of the free-range goats. It knocked her over and tried to eat her hair. It was not funny at the time, but it’s a little bit funny now. Now, Todd Pack eats goats. More synchronicity. What does it all MEAN????

    4. I had a Choco-Taco last night. It wasn’t as great as I remember, so I rescind my earlier enthusiasm. Hope you make FP!

    Happy Monday….

    • thoughtsappear

      What a mean goat! That’s worse than the ostrich that bite me.

      That’s so awesome that you had a Choco-Taco, but I’m sorry that it was a little disappointing. Where did you get it? I feel like I should try one just so I can say I have.

      • Hippie Cahier

        The Exxon on Defense Highway in Naptown. Couldn’t find ’em in the grocery store. If you’re out that way, let me know. I’ll treat! Distance-wise, I think you’re better off going to Dairy Godmother, though.

        I’m on the fence about the wolf. Maybe start with a Huskie. They’re nice. 🙂

      • TonyVote

        Choco-taco’s were amazing when I was a kid. they still sell them in jersey. They’re not as good as I remembered them being, but they’re still good.

  • 40apples

    I would also like to pet a wolf! This sounds like a must for anyone’s “do before – ” list.

  • mct88

    hm… i wonder if i should add this to my bucket list!

    let me know how it goes!

  • Scott Oglesby

    I know that if you dress up as Little Red Riding Hood it will make an unbelievably cool photo!

    That stinks that you got to it first; I was just going to invite you to go swimming with the sharks with me sometime.

  • Marliz3e

    Awesome! But then you will beat me! Petting a wolf SO beats petting a lion cub! But I was playing with the cub for about an hour! Does that give me extra points?=]
    Lol, the ASAPAIC… Somehow I misread it to A PANIC…
    Yeah…. No idea how that happened!

  • Amy

    Please go now and post pictures! I would love to pet a wolf! Or any wild, fuzzy mammal. I really want to rub a grizzly bear’s belly.

    Love the AIC addition to ASAP!

  • aussieinengland

    I petted a tiger once. It felt just like a domestic shorthair housecat. Incidentally, while I’m on the subject of what animal feels like another, a koala’s fur feels just like sheep’s unshorn wool (except it smells of eucalyptus).

  • omawarisan

    I fed sharks…did the chain mail dive suit thing and petted them. No idea what they felt like because the gloves were chain too.

    Good choice on the wolves. They’re really beautiful up close.

  • mescribe

    Oh, yes, ASAPAIC – especially if you wear the Little Red Riding Hood costume and get eaten. 😉 Thanks for the tag again – you’re a dearie. You know, I saw this awesome documentary once about a guy in England – I think it was England – who lived in a sanctuary with a pack of abandoned wolf cubs (or the mom might have gotten shot, but that’s too sad to think about so I’ll skip ahead) and he raised them as though he was a wolf himself, integrating into the pack mentality completely, because he wanted to study their predatory behavior and hopefully stop people’s misconception about them attacking for no reason… or somesuch.

    Yeah, it was way more interesting than I’m recapturing here. I mean, he went out and got deer and stuff that he’d shot beforehand and dragged it into the sanctuary so the cubs would think he’d hunted it.

    Anyway, if you want to take the petting one step further, just saying. 🙂

  • redriverpak

    If someday down the road, I read in the paper about some woman getting mauled to death by a Wolf, while wearing a red riding hood costume….I will look back at this post and will laugh! 🙂 I’ll be sorry you are gone….but happy you went out after completing your list! 🙂

  • cocktailsattiffanys

    Please fill us in on the secret to love!!! I am no good at starting and/or finishing books so it would probably take until my 40th birthday to figure it out on my own. Happy reading 🙂


  • mairzeebp

    Pet a wolf! I love it. Not what I expected which makes it perfecto. Good luck and thanks for always entertaining me and keeping me on my toes :).

  • Vodka and Ground Beef

    Very interesting late-inning call here. I look forward to hearing how it goes.

  • Pauline

    “Has anyone petted any cool animals? Any tips for me?”

    I used to volunteer at a reptile/wild animal sanctuary and came into contact with all sorts of critters, large and small.

    My advice? Stay calm and don’t make eye contact. (This advice has also come in handy with certain people around my office. LOL)

    The handler/staff should tell you anything else you need to know. 🙂

  • TonyVote

    I’m totally psyched to see you dressed as “Little Red” petting a wolf.

    ASAPAIC is awesome. I love warm apple pie and ice cream. I think it should be ASWAPAIC

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