#20: Operation Beautiful Preparation

The Mission: To brighten someone’s day. Make someone feel better about themselves. Make someone smile. (I also need to complete another item on my 30 Before 30 List.)

Strategy: To place Post-it Notes in random places. Here are the notes I’ve decided to leave.

  • You are perfect just the way you are. Have a wonderful day!
  • This sticker is scratch and sniff. So scratch it! Have a great day!
  • A smile is a curved line that sets many things straight. Have a great day! And smile!
  • To whoever finds this note—You are beautiful! Have a great day!
  • “You have everything you need. You just have to know it in your own heart.”—Jennifer Weiner. Have a great day!

On each note I included the link to the Operation Beautiful web site and a link to my blog. Hopefully the finder of the note will check out the Operation Beautiful site, and maybe find my blog and send me a note saying how the post-it brightened their day. And then…I can share it with you.

All together now…awww.


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