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Look Down, Look Down

Phantom of the Opera was the very first musical I saw on Broadway. Followed by Miss Saigon. Which was followed by The Lion King. But the fourth Broadway musical was Les Miserables.

And I loved it. That opening music makes my whole body tremble.

Usually I make a trip (or two) up to NYC each year, but with so much going on, I haven’t been. As a substitute, I watched the movie version of Les Mis.


Here’s what I learned:

  • If you give a thief all of your silver, he’ll feel so guilty that he’ll spend the rest of his life making up for it. Remember this the next time you’re mugged: Give generously.
  • If your super power is super strength, never lift anything heavy in front of anyone else. Your cover will be blown.
  • It’s impossible to hide in Paris. It must be a very small place.
  • Innkeepers will charge you for mice… for lice…and for looking in the mirror twice.
  • “On My Own” is the theme song of any girl with a crush.
  • “To love another person is to see the face of God.”

Most importantly, I learned that some movie stars can actually sing. Who knew? Maybe they can’t sing as well as the Broadway performers, but they hold their own.

Favorite Comments From Last Post: Everyone who used the puppies pun…and said “asshat.”

BlogHer 2012 Came and Went

BlogHer rocked. And I only went for one day. I can only imagine how much cooler it would have been if I could have stayed longer.

I met some of my favorite bloggers…and new bloggers.

Misty’s Laws, JM the Accidental Stepmom, Me, Go Jules Go

I got so much swag. For example…

Why, yes, I did receive a free Trojan vibrator at BlogHer.

I ate so much free food. And bloggers gave me presents. Presents are always welcome. Thanks, Misty and Jules!

Stache-Whisker glasses From Go Jules Go

If you’re interested in reading more about BlogHer 2012 adventures, check out these chicks who I met at BlogHer 2012:

BlogHer 2013 is in Chicago. Who’s going?

Favorite Comments From Last Post:

  • “When people ask you what happened, tell them you got into a wrestling match with a lion, and whooped it’s ass.”—Does This Make My Blog Look Fat?
  • “We rescued a teensy stray kitty this weekend… she’s only 3 or 4 weeks old and already my floor exercises offend her.”—Sugar Dish Me

BlogHer in T-Minus 3…2…

BlogHer is in just a few days, and I’m super psyched to see…

Who else is going? Anybody? Hello? Hello?! Is this thing on?

I’m a little bummed that I’m only able to attend on Saturday, but it’s still exciting to meet the women behind the blogs.

A big thank you to Valerie for helping me with my new blog cards! Here’s the image:

Favorite Comment From Last Post: “Oh yes, my dogs ALWAYS cuddled hardest against those that hated and/or were allergic to them. Animals sense when there are people who don’t want the around, and then they THRUST their love upon them. Wait, that sounded dirtier than I intended. Meh.”—Misty’s Laws

I Am My Mother’s Favorite Daughter

…I’m also my mother’s only daughter.

But I’m well on my way to being the favorite child…which isn’t saying much since my only competition is my brother, Lunchbox.

Last Christmas Lunchbox got my parents a Blue Ray DVD player.

Thoughtsy: What the heck, Lunchbox? Are you trying to make me look bad? We could have at least gone halfsies.

Lunchbox: Well, I missed a couple Christmases, so this makes up for it.

So this Mother’s Day I decided to bring in the big guns. Last weekend I took my mom on a Mother-Daughter trip…to New York City to see Newsies (which was awesome).

Take that, Lunchbox!

Now I just have to figure out Father’s Day. Usually Dad and I spend some quality time together…changing my car’s oil…so maybe I should buy him a car.

Favorite Comment From Last Post: “You made the right almost choice, though. If we can’t bond over processed sugars, what CAN we bond over?”—Late to the Party

Carryin’ the Banner

Open the gates and seize the day….

1992. I was about 11 years old, in 6th grade, and I was tomboy. I played with boys; I didn’t think they were cute.

That all changed when I saw this face. ::droooool::

Marry Me? Please?

And this face.

And these guys doing this.

I could go on forever. And all of these handsome faces could be seen in one movie: Newsies.

That movie made me view boys in a different light. Boys were cute. Boys could sing and dance…and fight. These boys I wanted to hold hands with, not play basketball with.

And now I can relive my youth by seeing Newsies on Broadway. Please excuse me while I squeal like a teenage woo-hoo girl.

I hope Christian Bale is in it. Otherwise I may be setting myself up for disappointment.

Is there an age limit on Cabana boys? Could Christian Bale be my Cabana boy?