The Safest Way to Wish Someone a Happy’s Mother’s Day

A few years ago I dreaded going out on Mother’s Day. Miscarriages will do that to you. People assume you’re a mother and then you break down crying and the well-wisher assumes all mothers are crazy and becomes sympathetic to Norman Bates.

Or maybe you’re like me years before that and have a boyfriend who takes forever to propose and when people wish you a “Happy Mother’s Day!” your response is “I’ll never have kids!”

Anyways…the point is there is only one safe way to wish someone a “Happy Mother’s Day!” And it happened to me a few years ago.

Other Person: You’re not a mother, are you? You don’t look old enough to have kids.

I looked plenty old enough to have kids, but still…Best words ever. Then he continued:

Other Person: Well, maybe next year I’ll wish you a Happy Mother’s Day.


Happy Mother’s Day to all you mothers out there! And if you’re not a mother yet, maybe next year will be your year. Besides you don’t look old enough to have kids anyway. Do you even have your driver’s license yet?

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17 responses to “The Safest Way to Wish Someone a Happy’s Mother’s Day

  • mistyslaws

    Happy Mother’s Day, Thoughtsy!! I’m so happy you are finally there! 🙂

  • etak

    This was my take on the holiday, i much needed to vent to my know EX mommy in law and boy it felt good to get this off my chest 🙂 thanks for this! :)

  • lenoir03

    Reblogged this on familiesstaytogether and commented:
    I use to be in that exact situation:)#crazy

  • Flop til you drop "FTYD"

    I may never have kids- (hahaha) this was me- I think my husband and I dated for 4 years (we were in our 30s for God’s sake) so yes- I can recall when asked/comments made- I’d look over to my then boyfriend (now husband) and say NOPE, no kids- not even married yet.

    I was 33 when we had our first kid. All my friends were married for years by that point, and already had children by the time we got married. 🙂

    So yes, if anyone is currently in that boat… maybe next year!

  • kstewand4cats

    Cats. Just have cats. They won’t even make me a card though.

  • Sissy

    This, was beautiful XD Although I’m rocking the other end being a late-teen mum married before twenty ^.^

  • arwynundomiel

    I treat my mother like every day is Mother’s day. Because she deserves more than just one day out of the year.

  • livingdilbert

    I’m so sorry this happened to you. My sweet Mom had a miscarriage and then 5 healthy children…but, I am not meaning to diminish your loss in the least.

    I dread Mother’s Day because I really miss my Mom. So, when I first read your post, that’s ehat I thought you might have meant. I try to be very careful about wishing ppl Happy Mother’s Day in case they have lost their mom, however, you have given me even more respect.

    Hugs tou you – always. LD

  • theprincesswhowasnt

    All women deserve love on Mother’s Day if you are a mother in the traditional sense or not. Think about it, you help raise your nephews, nieces, friend’s children. Even if you don’t have kids I’ve learned women make an impact on others. I am lucky enough to still have my mother and I’m also in my 30s wondering about if I’ll have children. I wish my childless friends happy mother’s day and provide small gifts when I can. I do this to show that they have mattered to me and I love them. After all isn’t that all this day is, honoring the women who raised you and/or are dear to you?

    • arwynundomiel

      I suppose celebrating Mother’s Day for all the ladies, mothers or not, is the closest thing to ‘General Women’s Appreciation Day for your Contributions to Society’, which doesn’t look so good on a Hallmark card. I’d just be careful because if you wish a childless woman Happy Mother’s Day and she desperately wants to be a mother and can’t for some reason, it would be rather cruel. But based on the general attitude in your comment, I’d guess you aren’t a cruel person and take this into account.

  • arwynundomiel

    I got wished Happy Mother’s day by someone hinting I should have a baby. Considering I have a disease that gives me 50/50 odds of being able to successfully carry a baby to term and those aren’t dice I want to roll, I thought the comment was just plain rude and inappropriate.

  • AdiC

    Humor dashed with intelligence! Lovely post! 🙂

  • thatvigilantechick

    I have also had a miscarriage. It was also around Mother’s day. That is not a fun experience. But what are you going to do? Whay’s done is done. Humor’s a great way to deal.

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