Party Over at Aly’s Place!

Today I’m blogging over at Breathe Gently. Check it out. I speak like 5 different languages in the post. It’s flippin’ fantastic!

While you’re over there, check out Aly’s posts (and her cat Oscar—I love his nose).

What’s that you say? You just came from Aly’s blog. Go back. I’m sure you missed something. 

I’m totally envious of Aly and all the places she’s been. You know what she’s doing right now? Pre-Honeymooning! What a wonderful concept. When I get married, I’m going to have a pre-honeymoon and a regular honeymoon. Maybe I’ll even throw in a post-honeymoon.

Until then, I’ll just have to settle for the Caribbean cruise Kiefer and I are taking in April. No big deal. We do this all the time.


This will be my first cruise. Ever. And my first time out of the country. Ever. Except for visiting our neighbor to the north, O Canada.

Am I going to need shots for this? Crapola.

Please post all of your helpful travel and cruising tips below.

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28 responses to “Party Over at Aly’s Place!

  • TheIdiotSpeaketh

    No shots! yay! I have been on five cruises so far. You will love it! and you will be hooked! We usually start planning our next cruise before the ship even gets back to port. Definetely get a room with a balcony or at least a window. This will be the most relaxing vacation you could imagine. Take lots of money, they really get ya on the ship with the cost of buying all the great pics they take of you, the costs of the shore excursions, souvenirs, etc. You will love it!! It’s like waking up in a hotel in a new tropical port each day! Take LOTS of pics!!

  • The Zen Assassin

    Pack some motion sickness pills away just in case. You never know how your body is going to react to the gentle yet constant sway of being out on the open water.

  • Denise

    Crusies are the only way to travel. We’ve been on a bunch and here are the best parts: unlimited food, no limit to the amount of luggage you can bring, no packing and unpacking but you get to go to different locations, unlimited numbers of shoes allowed, midnight buffett, the spa, food galore. If you can’t decide what you want during dinenr just ask them to bring both;) We are going on another in December. We’ll be in Mexico for New Years eve. can’t wait!

  • izziedarling

    See if you need a passport (if you don’t already have one). I would think you would need one. So happy you are doing this! The water is beyond beautiful! Rah Thoughts!

  • Amy

    No shots, but you will need a passport (or one of those new passport cards that are cheaper but only get you into the Caribbean and a few places in Mexico).
    Good for you! So jealous!

  • fnkybee

    Pack comfy pants because you will eat and eat and eat and eat…oh yeah and eat. And then you will drink and drink and drink . So two things to pack I mean 3…comfy pants or at least one pair of pants one size bigger for the trip home, Advil for the drinking headaches and Pepto or Laxative how ever you want to roll with that one for the food consumption.
    You will have a blast!

  • She.Is.Just.A.Rat

    Hmm…strange. I just tried to post something (twice), but it didn’t show up, so feel free to get rid of the duplicate if it does show up later.

    I just read an article about a cruise ship. I really don’t know if I should tell you more about it, or if you should read the article because it might worry you needlessly, but it is important to know that if anything happens on your cruise, that the following will happen:

    “U.S. Navy helicopters brought extra food supplies to the people on board, which included thousands of pounds of Spam, crab meat, croissants and Pop Tarts.”

    Oh, if you want to read it, it’s here…

  • thypolarlife

    I’ve never been on a cruise but it is definitely on my bucket list. Let me know how it goes, since you’ll be going before I will.

    Heading over to check out your post at Aly’s now. Don’t shoot, I’m going. 😉

  • Lorraine


    I’ve never been on a crusie either and that just doesn’t seem fair. Where are you leaving from, huh, huh, huh?

    Bring me back chocolate. Is that a rational request? I’m sure you can find me some chocolate to bring me back.

  • Alpha Betti

    Please promise that you will read “A Supposedly Fun Thing I’ll Never Do Again” by David Foster Wallace – before you go on the cruise.

  • omawarisan

    Be sure to book whatever shore excursions youre going to do through the ship as soon as you get on, they sell out fast.

    I went on Norwegian Cruise Line. They had a chocolate buffet for children. If you’re not bringing any children, borrow some for the buffet.

  • pearlsandprose

    You shouldn’t need shots.
    Check out the restaurant policy as soon as you can. On our cruise, people booked their reservations the first day and the folks who didn’t had to eat in the cafeteria every night. There was a surcharge for the better restaurants and booze was extra.
    Our ship went REALLY fast at night and the rocking made me sick. Friends gave me wristbands with magnets and I was like, “no way these will work,” but they did! Never got seasick again. You can find them in any drugstore or travel store.
    You may be able to book the excursions now–check the fine print.

  • Scott Oglesby

    Cruises are nice, for convenience and comfort. Lately I prefer to go into the heart of the country, to capture its soul in my teeth. Like what matadors (or maybe its samba dancers?) do with roses.

    Then again, it’s easier to die, my way.

  • Sass

    I want to go on a cruise to the Carribean! I’m totally jealous here in Norway where its cold and snows a lot.

  • mairzeebp

    LOVED the two cruises I went on. The only tip I have is to carefully pack. I know, I know, who doesn’t tell you that but, when you end up at a formal dinner in bare feet because you only have the sneakers you wore on the plane, you have to caution others. Six perfumes, fifty two pairs of underpants, nine nightshirts and eleven band aids in case I fell on the lido deck but NO SHOES. Eye ye ye. You’ll have a great time!!!

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