Clean Up on Aisle 4

I’m cleaning up my 30 Before 30 list. I completed a gazillion things on it, and I need to blog about it. And by “gazillion,” I mean 2.

29. Buy a mixer.

Not only did I buy a mixer, I also used it. I should get extra credit.

I don’t remember if this was the Hawaiian cake or key lime pie, but don’t focus on that. Focus on the swirls of the mixer. Swirls of the mixer, not how massive my thumb appears in this picture.

22. Do something “green.”

You don’t how tempted I was to buy some green clothing and make that count as my “green” thing. Or mow the lawn. Bwaha! Mow the lawn. Oh, that’s a good one. Like I would ever do that.

Lucky for me, at my new house, the city offers curbside recycling.

Think Geek, you’re welcome for the plug.


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