30 Before 30

Lists. Gotta love ’em. Search my blog for the word “list.” Do it. I dare you.

Without lists I cannot function. I sit around all day with my eyes frantically darting from one activity to the other, not sure where to begin, and wondering, “What to do, what to do.”

Pro Con lists are good, too. Which ice cream should I have today?

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream

Pro: It’s like having 3 desserts: Chocolate, ice cream, and cookies.

Con: I won’t be able to stop eating it.

Of course, there’s also the grocery list. I often end up rewriting my grocery lists because I need all the items in the same order that I find them in the grocery store. Otherwise I end up carting all over the grocery store, going up and down the same aisles over and over again.

Are you laughing at me? Staring at this blog with your mouth and eyes wide in disbelief? Well, poo on you.

Aww, come on…you know I was just joshing with you. I would never wish poo on you.

While I was flipping through some old journals, I found a list of things I wanted to do. So I’ve added to it, and now I’m posting the Ultimate List…the mother of all lists…a list for my life…my 30 Before 30 List.

Why am I posting it? So you can tease me when I don’t accomplish everything, of course. (They’re all gonna laugh at you….)


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11 responses to “30 Before 30

  • Lorraine

    Ice cream AND lists? You are so, way awesome. I’m going to take a page out of Facebook’s book and say: If you like ice cream and books, we recommend: the library! I love the public library. I was all about Barnes and Noble until I became unemployed and then discovered the magic of freeee books.

    Plus, zero guilt if I don’t read them, zero anger if I don’t like them and if something is good enough to be owned, that’s always a possibility at a later date. Get yourself to the library, ma’am.

    I don’t know why you would want to give up chocolate for 5 days though. Weird.

    Good luck!


    • thoughtsappear

      I wish the library served ice cream. Luckily, there is a Ben and Jerry’s one block from mine, and another ice cream place 2 blocks in the other direction. The other place has Play Dough ice cream. Yummy!

      Basically I’d like to give up chocolate for 5 days just to see if I can. I’ll probably fail. Maybe if I substitute other tasty desserts like key lime pie and such, I’ll be ok.

  • unabridgedgirl

    “It’s like having 3 desserts.”


    Okay. Reason 5,423 of why I think you’re hilarious.

    And now I want ice cream.

  • planejaner

    i, too, am obsessed by lists…
    love/hate them. 🙂

  • brownpaperbaggirl

    Yes! I am not alone! I am an obessive list maker. Lists keep my life together and keep me happy.

    I love your list 30 Before 30. It has inspired me to do the same.

    P.S. Having a My Little Pony cake is the best idea ever!

  • redriverpak

    Add “I WILL NOT BLOG ABOUT FOOD” onto your “to do” list!! I swear, I gain an extra pound a day just reading your blog! 🙂 Now, if you will excuse me….I gotta go get something to eat!!

  • blogmella

    I list things in the order I walk around the supermarket – that’s the RIGHT way to do it. Mind you, anything I have to add in gets the squashedupwriting.

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