Choosy Dogs Choose Jif

Ozzy Pups never used to bark. At anyone. At anything (except the printer that one time).

Then, about two years ago, we moved. And the dog across the street barks every time someone walks by.

So does the dog next door. And the dog across the street and two houses up. So does the dog three houses up and the dog that lives behind us.

You get the point.

Now Ozzy barks when dogs walk by and almost every time someone comes to the door.

Which is awesome when I’m trying to get Scout to sleep.

Even awesomer now that Scout is down to one nap that just so happens to take place exactly when our mail person arrives. Nothing better than seeing your little one’s eyes flutter as you read them a story, and then BOOM! BARK! BARK! BARK!

Like I said, Awesome.

That leaves me with only one choice. To sacrifice the peanut butter….

Choosy Dogs Choose Jif

Choosy Dogs Choose Jif


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6 responses to “Choosy Dogs Choose Jif

  • Hippie Cahier

    Clearly, the other dogs have clued Ozzy in on the most effective means of scoring some peanut butter.

  • 1pointperspective

    If Oz gets his snout far enough into that jar, you might want to wait till after nap time before freeing him.

  • Flop til you drop "FTYD"

    funny. I witnessed someone spraying their cat with a mini water spray (you’d used on your hair or when ironing.) to keep the cat off the couch. Spray-spray and cat would launch right off the couch. I thought that was clever- so I did that same idea with our dog- that could have easily been a “barky” dog- but everytime he barked unnecessarily, he would be squirted.. well his fur was too thick for him to feel that effect- but in the face- that was a different story and then be yelled at “NO barking.”

    He quickly realized he didn’t like that, and only barked when someone came to the door. (good, what we wanted) – but NOW people around us have either gotten new dogs, or new neighbors have moved in with barky dogs- one barks, another answers, and we got a convesation of barking dogs all around us and my dog can’t help himself, he’s got to answer back- he’s social that way and a talker like his owner (me.) Who can blame him, but we do… so now he’s going through a “being-squirt-in-the-face” process again… NO barking. It’s working, but somedays, my dog just has to get the last word even if it’s a muffled ‘woof”

  • Susan P

    Great. Maybe you can organize an orchestra for them. There has to be some kind of melody there.

  • Choc Chip Uru

    The sacrifice is worth it *sigh* – at least you can’t sacrifice the nutella, what with chocolate being bad for Ozzy 😉

    Choc Chip Uru

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