#30. Pet a Wolf

Know what I did this weekend? Snuggled with a wolf at the Seacrest Wolf Preserve.

Move over, Taylor Lautner, these wolves are cooler. And, you know, real.

This is the first wolf that I touched at the preserve.

The one snarling and biting the other one. I  petted him. When I do something, I don’t half ass it.

That old guy isn't me.

I tried to name the wolf “Pete,” but apparently he already had a name. Humph.

No, his name isn’t “Humph.” That was my dissatisfaction at being unable to name a wolf.

The wolf’s name is Kiowa.

Now listen up because I’m going to edumacate you on wolves.

Kiowa is the Alpha Male. Alpha Males put their tales up to show that they’re the boss.

Kiowa is one cool, calm, collected wolf. Think of him as the Godfather.

And in that first picture, where Kiowa is biting his son—it’s all good. Kiowa is just teaching his son some manners. He’s not hurting him. It’s like spanking. Scary but not that painful.

After Kiowa approached and let me pet him, his Alpha Wife, Teton followed suit. (You can check out the magnificent Teton here.)

Want proof that I actually petted a wolf? I’m posting the picture later this week after I get my pictures organized.


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