Once You Pop…

Welcome to another installment of Taste Test Tuesdays! This might actually become a semi-regular thing. Maybe. Probably not.

This time I opted for salty food: potato chips.

Boo and Radley helped with the taste test.

Macaroni and Cheese Chips

Radley: (::a thumbs up on one hand with another hand in the bag and a mouth full of chips::)

Agreed, Radley. I was afraid they would taste like regular cheesy chips, but there’s definitely a cheesy noodle aftertaste.

Mozzarella Marinara Chips*

Boo: Not enough marinara.

A boy after my own heart…except I think he got a bad chip because I tasted a lot of marinara. And I have high standards because I’m a sauce hog girl.

If we (When are you taking me out for dinner and drinks?) ever share food with dip, you’ll need to eat fast stab me with the spoon order extra dip. The cracker, bread, whatever is just a vehicle for the dip.

Seriously. No one says this:

  • “One order of nachos, please. And hold the cheese and salsa. I just want the chips.”
  • “I’d like the pita bread and spinach dip only without the spinach dip.”
  • “Thoughtsy and I will split the crab dip.”

Only say this last one if by “split,” you mean you’ll be eating the bread while I shovel the crab dip directly into my mouth using my fingers a spoon.

Consider yourself warned.

*This flavor is Esme’s favorite.

Favorite Comment From Last Post: “…You may want to consider some type of bathroom spray to continue the myth that women don’t poop.”—A White Unicorn

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