It’s 11:11. Make a Wish.

Yesterday Izzie Darling asked me about 11:11. (No, I didn’t give her that nickname. Her nickname really can’t get any cuter, so I leave it alone.)

Every day at 11:11, you can make a wish.

Actually you can make two wishes every day. Really. Do the math.

Always start your wishes with “please.” That’s just good manners.


  • Make some chocolate fall from the sky…right…now.
  • Don’t let aliens abduct me.
  • Have someone pay me to blog.
  • Make my cat suddenly learn how to use the toilet instead of the litter box.
  • Let me win a million dollars from the lottery. More than a million would be ok, too.
  • Make one of the Supernatural Brothers fall madly in love with me. I’ll take Jared Paladecki or Jensen Ackles. I’m not picky.

Why 11:11? I don’t know. Maybe it’s a message from angels. Maybe it’s a Mayan thing. Maybe some 1st grader made it up.

Don’t question wishes, grasshopper! Just make them!

After I make a wish, I like to tell people what my wishes are. It’s the opposite of wishing on your birthday candles and not telling anyone what you wished for.

You know how your parents were the Tooth Fairy, Santa, and the Easter Bunny? (Uhhh…you already knew that, right? No one is sitting in the corner crying, right?) They might actually be the 11:11 wish granter as well. But I don’t have confirmation on that yet.

I announce my wishes loudly to everyone within earshot just in case one of them is the 11:11 wish granter.

Besides the more people who know about your wishes, the greater chance you have of someone making a wish come true.

So at 11:11 today, what are you going to wish for?

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