Zombie vs. Tinkerbell: Who Wins?

Only 362 more days till Halloween. Wait…is this year a leap year? 

I’m going to let these Halloween pictures speak for themselves. Mostly. There will be some commentary by me. But I’ll try not to ramble. Really.

By the way, don’t forget to post your costume links here by the end of the day: Halloween Costume Contest.

Zombie Bar Crawl


I know the caption says, “Brains,” but I think my face says, “ROAR!” I’m part zombie, part tiger.

My Right Boob

Just in case you couldn’t see it before, I’m posting a closeup of my right breast name tag: “Hello My Name is Ash. Housewares.” Shop Smart. Shop S-mart. Bruce Campbell would be proud.

Pop-Tarts from Hippie

I can’t decide if I should eat these Pop-Tarts from Hippie Cahier or frame them.
Halloween Party

Don’t let the costumes fool you. I’m in the middle; therefore, I’m the pimp.

This picture was taken at the end of the night—when the wings came off and the jacket went on. You’ll notice Kiefer’s make up all over my face from Halloween kissing. And of course, there’s Pete. I named Kiefer’s skull staff “Pete.”

I name everything “Pete.” My first-born child will be named Pete. Unless it’s a girl. Then I’ll name her Petetricia. Petetree? Petechelle? I’m still working this out.

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