Can You Feel the Love Tonight?

Did I tell you Kiefer was in Africa a couple weeks ago? That’s right, I did because we talked about him while he was gone.

In addition to talking on the phone and texting, he also sent me these lovely post cards.

The sign says, "Baboons are Dangerous. Do Not Feed."

Dear Thoughts,

During my travels, I found you a new pet. I know you’ve always wanted a monkey. I think the baboon sitting on the sign proves the sign wrong, but even if they are dangerous, I know you can handle it.

One chased our car while flashing his sharp pearly whites. Excellent dental hygiene. I think he’s the monkey for you. He’ll serve as an example of what your teeth could look like if you flossed more like your 30 Before 30 List says.

Love, Kiefer

 Dear Thoughts,

I missed you today. But not for very long. I went down to the beach for a swim and found comfort in the arms of this scrunchie-wearing beauty. I gave her the baboon I got for you. Hope you don’t mind.

Love, Kiefer

PS: I was just kidding about the new girlfriend. I know you’d kick my butt and then send your blogger friends to finish the job. We’re still good, right?

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