Raise Your Glass to the Sugar Lovers and the Foodies

When I started blogging in March 2010, I quickly learned that it’s not just the posts that make a blog. The comments contribute as well.

So while I’m in San Antonio for work, I’d like to highlight several readers/commenters that have been around for awhile. I hope you enjoy their comments. (This will be the first of several commenter blog crushing posts.)

First, I’d like to introduce you to the Sugar Lovers and the Foodies and their first comments on my blog.

The Cheeky Bride: Oh girrrl, I could have totally written this post.  Sweets?  Yes!  Running?  No thank you.

Let Me Start By Saying: I’m thinking strawberry frosted Pop-Tart sushi rolls in cherry Fruit Roll-Ups. That’s what I’m hoping for.

Mckenzie: “It’s like having 3 desserts.” LMAO. Okay. Reason 5,423 of why I think you’re hilarious. And now I want ice cream.

Hoody Hoo: I’m confused by the concept of eating only one tart from the two-tart pack. Two tarts is the healthy and appropriate serving size, is it not? 2 Tarts, 2 Twinkies, 2 Zingers, 1 sleeve of cookies…they’re all in a single package!

Blunty: Dude, you said Borders Cocoa Trio…seriously one of my favorite things on earth!

Welcome to the Middle of Life: I love sangria and would totally suck it off of my shirt were I dumb enough to spill any. I’ve never had the white, but I’m game! Yuuum.

Pauline: Question from a semi-vegetarian: What is a pulled chicken? Why do they call it that?

LeashieLoo: Have you tried the Hot Fudge Sundae version? I would fight to the death for a crumb of those awesomeness.

BadKids GoodGrammar: You have a page dedicated to cupcakes. Consider yourself my friend. Even if it’s not mutual. (Sadly, BKGG is no longer blogging.)

A Piece of the Pie Hole: Can we add Red Velvet Pop-Tart to the list?

I love you guys. (::sniffle, sniffle::) I blog crush you.

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