Where’s Waldo?

The other weekend Kiefer ran the Rebel Race.

Me? I didn’t participate because ewwww mud! I knew I would totally kick Kiefer’s butt, and then he would feel bad. I didn’t want to hurt his feelings.

Plus, someone needed to watch Radley. And that someone was me. I watched Radley climb the rockwall 3 times, feed the goats, and I kept him from getting trampled by muddy runners.

But I didn’t just watch Radley. I’m a woman. That means I can multitask.

So I also watched Waldo. That’s right. Alert the authorities. Take down the Amber Alert. I found Waldo. He ran the Maryland Rebel Race.

Once Waldo was covered with mud, I had trouble finding him. So I’m off to San Antonio this week to find him.

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