What’s Your Definition of “Big?”

Throughout my pregnancy, people and doctors have said, “You can’t be that many weeks! You’re not big enough!”

I’ve officially gained 40 pounds, I feel like my stomach may explode, and the other day I asked Kiefer to put my shoes on for me.

A photographer friend asked me to model for some maternity pics once my “tummy popped.”

maternityI think my tummy has popped.

And I’m only going to get bigger because I still have 2 weeks to go.

The maternity pictures were hard for me. I didn’t do the traditional tummy picture every week. I didn’t even let Kiefer take a tummy pic until I was 3.5 weeks from my due date.

Why? Because my current pregnancy weight is what I weighed my sophomore year of high school.

When you’ve been overweight, any weight gain—even for a wonderful event like pregnancy—is hard to stomach. It’s hard to…

  • Feel your old clothes get tight.
  • Feel your new clothes get tight.
  • Hear people say, “Oh…are you pregnant? I had no idea,” at the beginning of your third trimester because that means they spent the previous 6 months thinking you were just getting fat.
  • Feel even remotely attractive.

But seeing myself in those maternity pics…I get it.

maternity1I don’t see a huge tummy or massive thighs or feet so swollen my ankles are almost gone. I see a mommy-to-be. And I see a baby in that belly.

Just to clarify, it’s a baby I grew, not one that I ate.

Favorite Comment From Last Post: “Get some. That is why everyone gets a car.”—ChocChipGuru

If you’re in the DC Metro area and need pictures, check out Baby Face Photo. Amy is great!

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