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Damn You, Tom Brady….

I stay home with Scout. I get up at 4 AM, so I can work before she wakes up. During her naps, I do more work. At 4 PM, Scout goes to the child care center in our gym, and I hop on an elliptical and watch Ellen.

For those of you mathematically challenged, that’s 12 hours until I get a break.

Today I was especially excited to watch Ellen because Johnny Depp was a guest (::swoon::).

After mere minutes, a special news report interrupted my program. (Does saying “my program” make me sound old?)

My first thought? NOOOOOOOO! JOHNNY!

My second thought? Damn terrorists.

But it wasn’t terrorists. It was Tom Brady. Damn Tom Brady…talking about how he picks out his footballs. Insert your own joke about a man and his balls here and in the comments.


And although Tom Brady is pretty cute, let’s face it: he’s no Johnny Depp.

I saw this:

Instead of this:

Now I know why people hate the Patriots. Those freakin’ program interrupters….

Please Send Me Your Candy

Recently, I went hunting. For Carrot Cake M&Ms.

You: Whoa, Thoughtsy! Those sound amazing! Where can I find them?

I don’t know. I can tell you where I did not find them: two local Walmarts, a Target, a CVS, an end of a rainbow, and four grocery stores.

Just like the Candy Corn Oreos. I never found those either.

I was beginning to think that God hated me.

Or that the blogging world had turned on me.

All of You: Let’s make up yummy candy that doesn’t exist just to mess with Thoughtsy!

Thoughtsy: Jerks….

Then…this came in the mail:

carrot cake

Thank you, Heather at SugarDishMe, for the Carrot Cake M&Ms! You are super awesome! I dropped a thank-you gift in the mail yesterday.

Sunday night I made Carrot Cake Magic Bars. Deeeeelicious.

 Tonight…Cream Cheese and Carrot Cake M&Ms Cookies.

Favorite Comment From Last Post: “If someone asks about your eyes, I think you should just tilt your head slightly and stare silently at them.”—Laura

Searching For My Lost Shaker of Salt

Today is February 22: National Margarita Day!

Because today isn’t a holiday (It obviously should be.), I have to wait until after work to partake in some sugary-rimmed goodness.

Let’s right. I said it: Sugar rim. I choose sugar over salt. But really…does that surprise you?


After work, I’ll be enjoying a margarita-filled girls’ night out. If you’re nearby, feel free to join me. If you’re not nearby, fly out. Enter “GETDRUNKWITHTHOUGHTSY” in the coupon code box for a discounted ticket.

If you can’t make it, you must hate me I completely understand. Instead check out Vesta’s cocktail hour at The Cowardly Feminist.

Favorite Comment From Last Post: “Nothing wrong with living with your mom! Sensible young man, saving money for his future.”—Jill Pinnella Corso