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I Do NOT Snore

Now that the second trimester is about to end, what can I tell you about it? Hmmmm…

  • It’s been uneventful.
  • I haven’t even had any crazy cravings.
  • Ozzy Pups sits on my lap all the time. I think he senses that it’s about to disappear.
  • Morning sickness returns about once a week just to mess with me.
  • I snored…twice.

During the middle of the second trimester, my mom and Kiefer had this conversation:

Mom: So…how is she? Is she driving you nuts yet?

Kiefer: Is this a trick question?

Mom: No. I mean, is everything irritating her yet?

Kiefer: Nope. She’s only had one breakdown when her clothes wouldn’t fit. She’s been good.

Mom: ::giving Kiefer a sympathetic pat:: It’s coming. Is she snoring yet?

Kiefer: No. I’ve never heard her snore.

Mom: ::another sympathetic pat:: That’s coming, too.

A few days ago, I woke up to find only myself, Ozzy, and Esme in bed. Kiefer was missing.

I thought, Haha! The sympathy middle of the night pees have finally kicked in!

The next time I woke up was for my own bathroom trip (That’s karma for laughing at Kiefer), and Kiefer was still gone. He was on the couch.

Kiefer: You were snoring.

Thoughtsy: ::horrified:: WHAT?

Kiefer: Not loudly.

Thoughtsy: You’ve been snoring since your surgery, but I just roll you over ignore it.

Kiefer: Esme was also sleeping between my legs. I think she’s just softening me up before she kills me.

Luckily, my snoring lasted 2 nights. It is finished…for now.

Favorite Comment From Last Post: “Whenever a stranger touches your stomach, your response should be ‘Yes, that is what happens when you eat too many large pepperoni pizzas. Let it be a lesson to you.’”—PinotNinja

Happy Thanksgiving!