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Why Women Will Survive Zombie Attacks

Know what TV show I miss? My Name Is Earl.

I had completely forgotten about that show until I started watching Zombie Apocalypse and saw Darnell (Hey, Crabman!) in the film.

Anyways…here’s what I learned from the movie:

  • The zombie outbreak will start in Europe but spread to the U.S. in just 3 weeks.
  • The arrival of the zombie apocalypse doesn’t mean you can’t clean up. If you don’t want that chainsaw, put it back on the shelf; don’t leave it on the floor.
  • Iceskates are also weapons.

    Here Kitty Kitty.

  • Avoid zoos. Zombie tigers are dangerous.

And most importantly, never go anywhere alone. Using the Buddy System is part of Zombie Safety 101.

That’s why women go to the bathroom in groups. We always want to be prepared for a zombie attack.

And the women shall inherit the earth….