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There’s a Boogie in My Candy

The other night at the grocery store, I saw this:

…and then I wondered, “Is it legal to sell creme crack when it’s not Easter? Is that bunny in the witch hat setting me up? And why are the creme crack eggs in the same aisle as the olives? ”

So…many…questions. My head was beginnning to spin when the bunny spoke to me. Apparently, just being around creme crack makes you hallucinate.

Bunny: Fear not! I bring unto you tidings of great joy. You can now enjoy the Cadbury Creme Eggs 6 months prior to Easter.

Thoughtsy: But…but…they’re green.

Bunny: Fear not! They taste the same. Don’t be racist against the green creme.

Thoughtsy: But they look like boogies.

Bunny: Just eat the freakin’ egg.

People, when a bunny tells you to eat something, you do it.

I think Slimer slimed in my egg.

Favorite Comment From Last Post: “Very true. I find watching people struggle with the behavior of their older kids helps. What?”—Cannibalistic Nerd