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My New Addiction: Strawberry Margaritas

On a cruise, you tend to do things you normally wouldn’t do. For example…

    • I ate ice cream at 9:30 AM.
    • I did the Cupid Shuffle. Twice.
    • I played Bingo.
    • I ate 3 desserts in one day…for every day of the cruise.
    • I ate nachos twice in one day.
    • I had a mixed drink at 11:00 AM.

  • I wore dresses and swimsuits that showed more cleavage than I even knew I had. (Kiefer! Look at how awesome my boobs look in this dress! They’re busting out of it! Busting! BWAHAHA! Obviously, this was after consuming the mixed drink.)

However, there are also things you just can’t bring yourself to do…despite the fact that you’re on a cruise.

  • Dance the Macarena.

That’s really the only thing.

You: Thoughtsie, what the hell…Stop rambling and get to the point. Tell us about the margaritas!

Ahhh, yes. The strawberry margaritas. Let me share my cruise drinking thoughts with you:

  • Saturday Afternoon: Oh my freakin’ god, there are people everywhere! I can’t drink! I need my wits about me.
  • Saturday Evening: I’m on a cruise, so I guess I should get a drink. A drink called “The Cruiser” seems like a good choice.
  • Sunday: I consume no drinks.
  • Monday: I consume 1 drink.
  • Tuesday Afternoon: Because we’re in Mexico, I drink half a margarita at Fat Tuesdays. I drink only half because I’m afraid the ice will give me…uh, faucet butt. (My coworker made me call it that.)
  • Tuesday Night: Back on the ship, the party theme is Mexican Fiesta, so I have 2 strawberry margaritas. (And so it begins….) Just tipsy enough to dance the Cupid Shuffle twice, but not drunk enough to participate in the Conga Line, Macarena, or Electric Slide.
  • Wednesday: I insist that it’s too hot to drink, but when Kiefer returns with an alcoholic beverage served in a pineapple, I drink half of it.
  • Thursday: Faced with the reality that the cruise is over, at the airport’s Tequileria, I downed two strawberry margaritas.

Tequileria’s margaritas were the best drinks I’ve ever had. Seriously. Best drinks ever.

So to avoid going to airports for drinks, I’ve decided to find and perfect a strawberry margarita recipe. And just to make sure I follow through, it’s going on my 35 Before 35 list, which will be unveiled soon…very soon. So feel free to post suggestions.