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Stitch: A Model for Anger Management

It’s March Movie Madness over at Educlaytion, and I need your vote by noon today. And by “I,” I mean Stitch needs your vote.

Stitch…as in Lilo and Stitch…as in the cutest ball of blue fur ever.

He's also a nuturer.

You should go to Clay’s site and vote for Stitch because I told you so I’ll give you a Pop-Tart.

But just in case you need another reason to choose Stitch, I present to why Stitch is awesome:

  • He does a good Elvis impression.
  • He’ll steal the left shoe of your worst enemy.
  • He wears a blue polka dot bra on his head and a red cape.
  • He’s a poster child for reform. He¬†lowered his badness level.

If you don’t vote for him, he’ll be forced to return to his home planet, and Lilo will cry. And it’ll be all your fault.