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Out with the Starbucks Mermaid!


Hi Starbucks,

My name is Scout, and I should be your new spokesperson. You can pay Mom me in tall-non-fat-vanilla-bean-frappuccinos-with-a-shot-of-cinnamon-dolce-syrup.



#7. Pay for Someone at a Drive-Thru

Christmas Eve morning I woke Kiefer at…well, let’s just say I woke him too early. To prevent grumpiness, we immediately drove to Starbucks for his coffee.

As we pulled into the drive-thru, I glanced behind us. No one.

Me: Wait! There’s no one behind us. I can’t cross this off my 30 Before 30 list unless I pay for someone else’s order!

Kiefer: You can pay for my coffee.

Me: You don’t count! Just order water this time. Then loop around and sit near the drive thru, and when you see a car coming, cut in front of them.

Kiefer got in line anyway. And ordered a coffee. And a piece of Reduced Fat Very Berry Coffee Cake for me. (He actually ordered a double tall vanilla skim latte or something similar. Reg-u-lar coffee? What’s that?)

Lucky for him, someone pulled behind us.

When we got to the window, Kiefer asked if we could pay for the person behind us as well and for the worker to deliver the message “Merry Christmas!”

Someone got an early Christmas Coffee.

Extra Credit: Later that day, the Christmas/30 Before 30 spirit overcame Kiefer. He won $5 from a scratch-off lottery ticket. (It was half mine because we agreed to split our winnings 60/40.)

We left my $3 and his $2 as an extra tip for our server at dinner.