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Nesting: What’s That?

Everybody talks about nesting when you’re pregnant. Translation: You’re suddenly no longer exhausted, and you start cleaning and organizing everything.

Since I’m already an organized person, this worried Kiefer who is the procrastinator in our relationship. For example, we had this conversation last month:

Thoughtsy: When are you going to put the changing table and crib together?

Kiefer: Sometime in the next 4 months.

Thoughtsy: So the changing table this weekend and the crib next weekend?

Because I don’t want to annoy Kiefer too much, I’ve tried to remember that 3 months 77 days is plenty of time to get everything done.

But what if she comes a week early? That’s only 70 days. THAT IS NOT ENOUGH TIME!

With Kiefer traveling for 2 weeks, I decided to do everything while he was gone. My list included:

  • Wash all baby clothes, blankets, etc.
  • Wash everyone else’s laundry (the boys usually do their own) and finally match all the socks or throw out all the lonely socks.
  • Reorganize the kitchen cabinets.
  • Clean out and reorganize all of my drawers.
  • Organize all of the baby’s stuff.
  • Finish decorating the nursery.
  • Write and mail thank you cards.
  • Wrap all of the Christmas presents.
  • Start decorating for Christmas.

See how I’ve crossed off two things? I didn’t really take into account that with Kiefer gone…

  • I’m the only one who can walk Ozzy 3-4 times a day.
  • Sometimes I’m the only one who can run Boo and Radley to basketball practice.
  • Laundry is neverending.
  • Although I’ve written all the thank you cards, I need to actually remember to get stamps to mail them.

And then we got 8 inches of snow and then another 4 inches the next day, so I had to shovel…a lot.

Where is the grass?

Where is the grass?

And it’s hard to do all of that with my new 8 PM bedtime. I guess I’ll wait till Kiefer gets back to nest.

Favorite Comments From Last Post:

  • “Why are we supposed to like those stupid-ly-stupid-stupid baby shower games just cuz we have ladybits? Do any ladies you know actually like them? I CALL CONSPIRACY.”—Nikki B
  • “The punch wasn’t a fail — it’s a sign of a good party when even the ducks are passed out face down in the punch bowl.”—PinotNinja

The Breakfast of Champions

Haaaave you met Darla over at She’s a Maineiac

She’s in Maine. Hence her blog name: Maineiac. All that you really need to know about her is that she’s awesome. And…she does celebrity impressions. Vlog, Vlog, Vlog…. Are you chanting? Please tell me I’m not the only one chanting.

Without further ado, may I present to you her Movies Teach Us post.

I just finished the first year in my pursuit of another college degree. Going back to school at my age brought up many long-buried memories of high school.  Now that final exams are over, I decided nothing could cheer me up more than watching one of my favorite movies for the millionth time. Its life lessons have stood the test of time.

Things I Learned About Life from the movie The Breakfast Club

  • When drawing a winter landscape scene, dandruff is a great substitute for snow.
  • Never eat your fingernails during detention because the sound is deafening and will only earn you one of Bender’s patented glares.

    Don't even think about it, bud.

    Don’t even think about it, bud.

  • Never try to prop open a heavy door with a flimsy chair.
  • You’re super cool only if you wear fingerless gloves and a red bandana wrapped around your boots.
  • If you want to get a rise out of a man, simply accuse him of wearing tights in public.
Go on, Bender. Mention tights again.

Go on, Bender. Mention tights again.

  • When discussing your detention and a teacher asks you, “Do you want another one?” always answer: “So” or “Yes” or “Eat my shorts” or “Not even close, bud.” Always emphasize the word ‘bud’. Teachers love that.
  • You can light your cigarette using your shoe.
  • You can light your cigarette using your teeth.
I am the master of the flame, baby.

I am the master of the flame, baby.

  • Ripping pages from a book and angrily putting cards back in the card catalog means you’re a rebel.
  • If you repeatedly ask a girl, “Are you a virgin?” be prepared to have Emilio Estevez pile-drive your face into the floor.
  • When you’re really fed up with school, just go to the gym and play some angry basketball. Wearing only one sneaker.
  • Cigarette smoking helps kids from all social backgrounds bond.
  • If you want to be considered ‘kooky’ just wear dark eyeliner and a giant parka, give the Crazy Eyes a lot and steal everyone’s wallets.
What. I'm cold. And I like to put Pixie Stix and Cap'n Crunch cereal in my sandwich. What.

What. I’m cold. And I like to put Pixie Stix and Cap’n Crunch cereal in my sandwich. Whatever.

  • When all the injustices in high school bring you down and you feel like you’ve lost all hope: Dance.
  • The jock will kiss you, but only if you ditch the parka and get Molly Ringwald to slap some makeup on you.
  • Even if you have to sacrifice a whole Saturday in detention, in the end you will find out that each one of us is each one of us: the jock, the criminal, the basket case, the princess. So we’re all the same on the inside. Or something like that. I guess. Whatever.

It’s Spring…and It’s Snowing

5:15 AM: My alarm went off. I hit “Snooze.”

5:25 AM: My alarm went off again. I snoozed it again.

5:35 AM: My alarm went off. I turned it off.

5:50 AM: Craaaaaap. No yoga for me. I just want to go back to sleep!

5:51 AM: Wait…wasn’t it supposed to snow last night?

5:53 AM: I inch my way across the bed to peek out the window and see…


Obviously, I didn’t take this picture at 5:53 AM. I took it at 7:53 AM.

5:54 AM: I call work. There’s a 2-hour delay! Hells yeah! I can go back to sleep!

5:58 AM: I’m still awake. Probably just the excitement of the delay.

6:04 AM: I’m still awake.

6:15 AM: Still awake.

6:22 AM: Still…awake.

6:25 AM: Dammit. Yoga, it is.

Favorite Comment From Last Post: “I never knew whether I should feel complimented or insulted when my cat used to groom me. At least he wasn’t covering me up with sand…”—Bluzdude

Where Did the Snow Go?

I now believe in global warming.

Two years ago, we got two massive snowstorms and a billion inches of snow. Not a billion inches, a million inches. This year…we barely got enough to cover the ground.

It’s officially spring.  But I refuse to let the lack of snow stop me from entering Spectra’s Snowman Contest.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you…Zombie Snowman in Candyland.

Aerial view

You can’t really tell from the pics, but I the zombie took a bite of the snowman’s brain.

After a very, very long day yesterday at the airport, I’m finally back from New Orleans. As soon as I get organized, I’ll post the pictures.

All Work and No Play Makes Jack a Dull Boy

With Kiefer gone, I had a lot of time to clean practice sign language sit on my tushie shop watch movies. Usually I watch horror movies.

They’re safer.

One time…while Kiefer was away…my brain momentarily shut down, and I decided to watch The Notebook. Huge mistake.

After the movie, Kiefer and I’s phone conversation went something like this:

Me: I miss you.

Kiefer: I miss you, too. I’ll be home in 3 days.

Me: (::beginning to sob::) That’s too long! I think you’ll hate me, but really you’ll be writing me letters, only Esme will have stolen them, so I’ll think you hate me. And then I’ll get Alzheimer’s and won’t remember you! And then we’ll die! (::sobbing hysterically::)

Kiefer: What the….

Me: I just watched The Notebook. I’ll be fine in a few minutes.

And that, my friends, is why I stick with horror movies. Less stressful for everyone.

So here are my observations from The Shining

  • My first thought was Stanley Kubrick and Stephen King? Maybe I should choose another movie. But since I’d seen it before, I figured I’d be fine.
  • The roads in Colorado need guardrails.
  • Jack Nicholson used to be young. Holy crap!
  • Jack Nicholson plays crazy better than any other actor. (Except for Gary Busey. But that’s different because Gary is crazy. Remember when I almost met him?)
  • “Red Rum” is “murder” spelled backwards.
  • If your child has an imaginary friend or talking finger…be afraid, be very afraid.
  • In 1980, women didn’t know how to hold and swing a bat.

And most importantly, once again, never go skiing or anywhere with loads of snow. Snow = Trouble.