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Rollin’, Rollin’, Rollin’ on a Roller Skate

We plan to make roller derby the most exciting thing to hit Charm City since the crab cake….

You know how much I love crab cakes. With a line like that on their website, how could I not go to the  roller derby?

Saturday Misty and I went to Baltimore…for our third date Charm City Roller Girls!

It was awe-some. Here are some reasons I’m thinking of joining a roller derby team:

  • Night Terrors? Speed Regime? Junkyard Dolls? Mobtown Mods? Awesome team names.
  • The announcer wears heels and a gold-sequin jacket. And his name is Dirty Marty.
  • The player names are flippin’ fantastic: I.M. Pain, Nuckin’ Futz, and Collene Scopy.
  • You block and hit people with your hips and booty. Which gives me a reason to add on some Pop-Tart pounds.

A few reasons stopping me from joining are…

  • The stretcher the medics bring on at the beginning of the bout is scary.
  • My butt and thighs are too big to wear spandex.
  • If I’m skating, I can’t eat Misty’s cupcakes. (Real cupcakes. That’s not a euphemism.)

For your viewing pleasure, here’s one of my pics:

Amazing, huh? Felt like you were actually there, right?

Go to Misty’s blog to see better pics.

Don’t expect Whip It. Do expect unicorns, cupcakes, falling, and fun.

What should my Roller Derby name be?


#15. Dangerously Delicious Pies

Saturday I went to the Baltimore Roller Derby with Misty, which we’ll be posting about soon, but while in Baltimore, we also went to Dangerously Delicious Pies.


Thoughtsy: Hello. I’m here for your pie.

I always color coordinate my shirt with my pie filling.

Except before I could have pie, I needed to pregame. Here’s how I prepped during the day:

  • A handful of peanut M&Ms for protein.
  • Two Girl Scout cookie Samoas for…because I’m addicted to them because they’re in season.
  • A cupcake because Misty gave it to me.

All of that prepping for this:

Dean from Supernatural would be proud....

 Misty with the the Baltimore Bomb; I opted for the Mixed Berry Pie, and because the guy (who had incredibly long eyelashes that I would kill for) thought my slice was lacking strawberries, he gave us an extra slice of a different type of berry pie for free. Free pie!

And it was delicious. I usually leave behind the crust not saturated with juicy fruit filling, but there was so much yummy filling that I ate the crust, too.

Look at all that fruit filling....

I can’t wait to go back and try another flavor.

My only recommendation: fruit-filled pies should have an ice cream option. I luuuuuve ice cream on fruit pie.

Also, in case you’re wondering, pie is the only exception to the chocolate-to-fruit ratio.

#15 on my 35 Before 35 is complete! However, I may need to repeat it every time I’m in Baltimore.