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Make the World a Cooler Place One Popsicle at a Time

During our no-AC-heat-wave the other week, I was extra cranky. Which meant I ate a lot of chocolate.

Starting with a chocolate leftover from Valentine’s Day:

Make someone melt today.

Make someone melt today.

I had to lick the wrapper clean because the chocolate was melty.

Obviously, I got someone else’s chocolate because I was the one who was melting. Jerks….

Annoyed that the chocolate wronged me, I bought popsicles. Worried that they may have melted the second I walked inside, I shoved them in the freezer to refreeze before partaking.

To kill time, I ate another melty chocolate, which said, “Happiness never decreases by being shared.”

Whoa. Maybe that first chocolate was mine. Now I had two choices:

  1. Hoard all of the popsicles and make someone melt today. Bwahahahaha!
  2. Share the popsicles and their freezy goodness.

So I shared the popsicles with my coworkers. After all, the box had 12. So 9 lucky coworkers got popsicles. Yes, I had 3. Don’t judge.

Favorite Comment From Last Post: “Huh. I thought cats needed to be hung to dry. Boy do I feel stupid….”—ttgeorges1123

How to Save a Life

Remember when the Russian Mafia killed that poor guy because I didn’t click on his link? I still feel bad about that, so I periodically check my SPAM comments.

Random Act of Kindness for the Day: Check your SPAM comments. It may save a life…in particular, the life of a man kidnapped by the Russian mafia and subjected to penis enlargement.

Here are some entertaining SPAM comments I found recently:

I would name your blog The Dreamland! While Santa knocks at our door just once per year, your blog is open the whole year – wow!

Flattery will get you everywhere, my friend.

Wow, that was odd. I just wrote an incredibly long comment, but after I clicked “Submit,” my comment didn’t show up. Grrrr…well, I’m not writing all that over again. Anyways, just wanted to say wonderful blog!

Dude, that sucks. I’m sorry your comment was marked as SPAM. Wait…your website is f*ckbuddy.com? And your email address is tollfree@gmail.com? Hmmmm…that’s suspicious.

If I press my hand against my eye, the afterimage looks like the floating Great Pumpkin Moon on Halloween.


Then after about 5 minutes I cleaned up the poo and went to let Bear in, got both dogs on their leashes, and took them outside.

Why did you wait 5 minutes to clean up the poo? And I don’t have any dogs, but I’m pretty sure the order is this:

  1. Let the dogs outside.
  2. Then they poo.
  3. Then let them back inside.

Can anyone confirm the order of the dog potty steps?

Sangria Thief on the Loose

Saturday Kiefer and I participated in a holiday bar crawl. (Like I told the Hipster, I swear we don’t do bar crawls all the time.)

The bar crawl was called Deck the Bars, and we were also asked to bring a toy for Toys for Tots. Here’s my toy:

The Jolie was upset with my toy choice, but I’m always buying boy toys for Boo and Radley, so I decided to go extremely girly with my toy. Don’t judge me. (You’re judging me and my fairy Barbie, aren’t you?)

Behold my second Random Act of Kindness/Christmas!

But you know who wasn’t taking part in Random Acts of Kindness/Christmas?


He stole my sangria.

Behold the Sangria Thief.

That’s me and Kiefer doing the Cupid Shuffle. As you can see, I’m obviously distracted by my lack of sangria.

I’d also like to draw your attention to my gold headband. It’s from my Tinkerbell costume. Told ya I’d wear it again!

Moral of the Post: Hold on tightly to your sangria.

Mission Random Act of Kindness Firefighter Style

Objective: Get They Call Me Jane a birthday gift. The only thing on her list is for me to complete a random act of kindness.

Mission: Take cookies to local firefighters.

Reward: Making Jane happy. Earning the nickname “Angel.”

I alerted Blarney to the mission. You always need back up in these situations. Wednesday night I baked oatmeal raisin and triple chocolate cookies. I taste tested the dough, and Blarney tasted tested the finish product.

We waited an acceptable amount of time (about 10 minutes) to make sure the cookies hadn’t been tampered with. We didn’t die, so the cookies were safe for others to consume.

Next we grabbed the cookies and Murphy to walk down to the Fire Station. Murphy is Blarney’s dog. Always bring a dog. The more back up, the better.

We made the long and treacherous walk (about 3 blocks) down to the Fire Station…only to find out it was locked.

I was afraid to ring the bell because, you know, we were at the Fire Station. Maybe it wasn’t a doorbell. 

Some people may not have a phone, so instead of calling 911 when their house catches on fire, they run down to the nearest Fire Department.

Hey. It could happen.

Fine. The cold weather obviously froze my smart brain cells and left only the unreasonable brain cells.

Blarney rang the bell.

Voice: Hello?

Blarney: We have cookies.

Voice: We’ll be right there. We love cookies.

Mission completed. And we didn’t even have to sacrifice the dog.