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Washington, DC’s Chocolate Shortage

Dear Washington, DC,

You suck. This past weekend Kiefer and I celebrated our Valentine’s Day. (Kiefer had Boo and Radley last weekend, so we celebrated this weekend.)

Let me just say the service at several of your restaurants sucks. Our servers at lunch, dinner, drinks, and dessert were awful. We had to wait for-ev-er.

I should never be made to wait for dessert. Never. You really put the city at risk.

But in particular I’d like to complain about chocolate portion size. Kiefer and I ordered chocolate lava cake, which turned out to be only slightly larger than the size of a half dollar.

Obviously, DC has some type of chocolate shortage. Why wasn’t this on the news? How can we trust our politicians to make the right decisions if they can’t even keep the nation’s Capital stocked with chocolate?

At the end of the day, due to lack of appropriate amount of chocolate, I felt like this:

Do these pants make my butt look big?

After collapsing onto the bed from chocolate dehydration, poor Kiefer didn’t have the heart to move me. He slept curled up on the corner of the bed.

Luckily, the next morning we had breakfast at the Luna Grill. The service was awesome, and the food was delicious.

You should thank the Luna Grill for saving your butt this weekend.



P.S. You’ll be receiving another letter from me shortly regarding protests and picketers and appropriate times for people to be woken up.

Naked Cowboy for President and Turning the World Pink

Extra! Extra! Naked Cowboy…for President! Read all about it!

That’s right. This guy is running for President.

I took this pic when Princess and I visited NYC (Taking a Tiny Bite Out of the Big Apple). Apparently, he’s pretty conservative. As conservative as someone can be who’s comfy roaming the streets of New York in tight whiteys.

I’m pretty sure there’s a law that you’re not allowed to run for President if you’ve been photographed in your underoos. Maybe the hat is the loophole on that one.

Anyways, if Naked Cowboy can run for President, so can I. I mentioned it in jest, but now I’m seriously considering it. I think I’ll ask Lorraine at Late to the Party to be my Co-President. Screw having a Vice President. I want someone to share the responsibility equally.

Here are my priorities. Please feel free to comment with suggestions.

Someone needs to tackle the serious issues. And I’m willing to face them head on. Remember when you head out to the polls, a vote for me is a vote for chocolate.

Before I break another news story, let me take a moment to say I never watch the news. I know that’s exactly what you want in a President: someone uninformed.

Remember how I participated in the Susan G. Komen Run for the Cure in June? I received an email this morning, and I just want to see if anyone can confirm that it’s not SPAM (like the Russian Mafia comment.)

The email says that starting today they’re kicking off Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Then it says, visit www.69-seconds.org. Because a woman dies from breast cancer every 69 seconds.

69 seconds? Really? 69? Did someone double check the math? Maybe we should round it to 70 seconds.

In all seriousness, I encourage everyone to visit the site to help promote breast cancer awareness and “turn the virtual world pink” by using the hash tag #fightbreastcancer in your blog posts or on Facebook and Twitter.

Human Trafficking in 2010

Did you know that human trafficking is the second largest criminal activity in the world? Me neither.  I needed to burst someone else’s naivete bubble. (Drugs is number 1 and illegal arms is number 3.)

How horrible! I found this out while doing some reading this morning, and my day is been pretty somber since. 

Am I the only person who didn’t know this? I admit to being probably the least-informed person ever when it comes to politics, causes, etc.

My contributions are the following: I bought a Save Darfur CD and the proceeds from the Cupcake Run went to troubled youth, but that’s it. But this human trafficking thing I may need to look into. Anyone have suggestions on books or sites  on this topic?

At the very least I’ll be watching Taken again with a entirely new perspective.