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Just Me and Pauly Shore

So…have I ever told you what I do for a living?

I work for the Special Forces Covert Ops. True story.

Why else would I agree to take the U.S. Army’s Physical Fitness Test? Only because it’s  a requirement. I certainly never would volunteer for it.


So…I have something to confess. I volunteered to take the test for fun. Why? Obviously Pop-Tarts affected my reasoning…my sanity.

While my body is free of Pop-Tart toxins, I’ve set my goal of shooting for the bare minimum: 60%. That’s what people who are really in the Army have to do I have to do to avoid being kicked out of the Special Ops.

  • 2-Mile Run in 20 minutes and 30 seconds
  • Sit Ups: 45 in 2 minutes
  • Push Ups: 17 in 2 minutes

Just for fun, I dropped to the floor to do a push up. And that’s exactly what I did. Drop to the floor. And didn’t get back up.

The test is at the end of April. Plenty of time for me to learn to do 17 push ups. Right? Riiiiiiiiight?