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Beverly Hills 9021-No

Awhile ago my little brother Lunchbox hit me some news: he was looking at engagement rings for his girlfriend.


And he and his girlfriend were moving to California….


…in a couple months….


My first question to him: Are you taking Percy with you? If so, we need a plan for shared custody.

Lunchbox and I are about 2 years apart, and despite a rocky start as youngsters (he threw a rotten tomato at my head, and I whipped him with a rubber snake), we’re close. 

The thought of not having easy access to him, him not being close by saddens me. And it scares me.

So I’m devising a plan to convince him to stay. Right now my plan involves dropping to the ground, wrapping myself around his leg, followed by crying and screaming for him not to go.

My backup plan is to kidnap Percy. They’ll never leave without him.

Favorite Comment From Last Post: “Every time I wake I hurry and look at the window because I hope the Zombie Apocalypse started….”—Marina Sleeps