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I See Blue People

Tra la la la la la. La la la la la.

I watched The Smurfs. Although I grew up with those little guys, I wasn’t particularly interested in the movie until I saw that Doogie Barney Neil Patrick Harris was in it.

And although I spent most of the movie thinking, “That’s not Barney. I wanna see Barney from How I Met Your Mother,” I still learned a lot.

  • Smurfs are 3 apples high. I always thought they were smaller.
  • Despite the similar spelling, a lavatory cannot function as a laboratory.
  • Smurfs invented frozen pizza.
  • Use “smurf” instead of “beep” for expletives. Example: Where in the smurf are we?
  • Azrael the cat is a boy.

Most importantly, I finally understand the fascination women have with men in kilts. Gutsy Smurf? He’s my hero.

I'm sexy and I know it.