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Applying Lyrics From the 90s to My Life: I Saw the Sign

See what you have to ask yourself is what kind of person are you? Are you the kind that sees signs, that sees miracles? Or do you believe that people just get lucky? Is it possible that there are no coincidences?—Signs

I believe in signs.

I believe there’s a reason I always said, “There’s no way I’m going back to Kiefer…unless he proposes…with a ring…and has tickets to Vegas.” And then…that happened.

I believe there’s a reason Kiefer and I saw this sign in Washington, DC, on a date after he proposed.


Most signs aren’t this clear.

I believe there’s a reason that a week after I said “Yes,” we finally found a new house.

I believe there’s a reason that a couple months after Kiefer’s proposal we got pregnant…and got this cutie pie:


I like putting her in hats that are too big for her. It makes her head look smaller, which makes my nether regions feel better.

Everyone with me now: I believe I can fly…I believe I can touch the sky….

Sorry. My writing made me channel R. Kelly. If you don’t know the song, don’t tell me. It’ll make me feel old.

Do you see signs?

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The Way to My Heart. Yes, It Involves a Pop-Tart.

After Kiefer proposed, I made him wait for an answer. To get a taste of his own medicine. Don’t worry though. I’m not making you wait any longer.

For weeks, I grilled him with my questions, concerns, and every possible scenario I could think of. Kiefer was my heart’s choice, but my head needed reassurance.

Then one weekend Kiefer and I headed down to DC’s Ted’s Bulletin for homemade Pop-Tarts.


Blueberry Cheesecake Pop-Tart

After walking around the Eastern Market for a while, he suggested we eat cupcakes from Buzz Bakery.


Cookie Monster, Carrot Cake, The 9:30 Club, and Coconut

As we ate cupcakes, I knew. I knew that any man who feed me Pop-Tarts and cupcakes in the same day was the guy for me.

We could have Pop-Tarts and cupcakes every day. We’d eat so many that our little babies would have sprinkles for dimples and icing for hair.

Kiefer: Hey do you hear what those women are talking about?

The women at the next table were planning a wedding. I didn’t hear them because I was busy deciding what was more important: accepting Kiefer’s proposal or eating the last bite of cupcake.

Thoughtsy: YES! I mean, no. I don’t know what they’re talking about.

Marriage Proposal Acceptance Fail.

Kiefer: Then why did you just say, “Yes?” Wait…. Yes?

Thoughtsy: Yes.

Kiefer: Yes!

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Don’t Wait for the Perfect Moment. Take the Moment and Make It Perfect.

For the newbies, here’s the extremely short background to this post. I was with a guy for 4+ years, but he had commitment issues, so I left about 6 months ago. You can read about all that here.

A couple weeks after Kiefer and I broke up, we had this conversation:

Kiefer: I can’t believe how easy this seems for you.

Thoughtsy: It’s not easy. I didn’t just wake up one day and decide to leave. Every day you didn’t propose was a day you pushed me away. Part of me hopes one day you’ll show up on my doorstep with a ring, and everything will be ok.

Kiefer: So in a few weeks, not if, but when I show up on your doorstep with a ring….

Thoughtsy: You can’t say that. I’ll just think you’re proposing out of desperation. You have to wait. Aaaaaand…just to make sure I believe you, you should probably have a ring in one hand and plane tickets to Vegas in the other.

A few months later…

Blarney: Kiefer wanted to talk to me…about you. He knows he messed up. I believe him.

A little over a month ago, Kiefer called me to ask if we could meet. He said it couldn’t wait.

Kiefer: I love you. I love your wit. I love how caring you are.

::Insert other awesomeness about me and lots of memories that Kiefer and I share plus some of his thoughts about our future. Ten minutes or so later…::

I took tomorrow afternoon off so we can go to the Justice of the Peace, and I have tickets to Vegas for next weekend if you want to do that. We could have a wedding for friends and family later…maybe around Halloween since that’s our holiday. I’m sorry I waited so long….

Will you marry me?


Kiefer: Ozzy Puppy! Leave it! Don’t eat the ring!

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You Have to Kiss a Lot of Frogs

I read over on I Like Boys Who Wear Glasses that Cosmo says you have to kiss 22 guys before you find Mr. Right.

22? Seriously? I’m not there yet. I got my first kiss when I was in 5th grade, which I’m not sure even counted. So I didn’t get my first real kiss until I was 16. I can’t believe I wasted time like that.

And all those long-term relationships? More wasted time and kisses. Geez…I could have been married years ago if only I’d puckered up more.

I just counted, and I’ve kissed 16 guys. 16.

Uh-oh…I think I just lost a follower…they probably think I’m a whore.

Anyways….Anyone want to volunteer for numbers 17-21? (There goes another follower.) Nothing serious.  I just need to kiss you, so I can find Mr. Right.

I’ll even let you pick a flavor.


How old were you when you got your first kiss? Did you have to kiss 22 people to find your partner?

Favorite Comment From Last Post: “I will eat you and everything that you hold dear if you don’t let me keep my bed.”—Kerrigan Sloan