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My Cat Loves Cake More Than Me

That title is a lie. Nobody loves cake more than me. Nobody.

You know what cake makes me think of? TV.

I know that doesn’t make sense right now, but just go with it. Trust me.

I like to have the TV on while…

  • I’m folding laundry.
  • I’m practicing my pushups or doing the 100 work-out.
  • I should be practicing my sign language.
  • I’m baking.
  • I’m trying to fall asleep….

I like background noise sometimes. The keyword there is background. I’m a pretty quiet person, and sometimes people who talk a lot annoy me.

Anyways…currently, I’m watching Cake Boss on Netflix. (Now you see the cake TV connection, don’t you?) My reasons for liking this show should be obvious, but in case you’re new here: I have a dessert addiction. (There. I admitted it. Step 1 complete!)

And now…Esme has a dessert addiction. Or she really likes Buddy the Baker.

Excuse me, sir. May I please have some cake?

Must have cake....

No claws on the screen, Esme.