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BlogHer 2012 Came and Went

BlogHer rocked. And I only went for one day. I can only imagine how much cooler it would have been if I could have stayed longer.

I met some of my favorite bloggers…and new bloggers.

Misty’s Laws, JM the Accidental Stepmom, Me, Go Jules Go

I got so much swag. For example…

Why, yes, I did receive a free Trojan vibrator at BlogHer.

I ate so much free food. And bloggers gave me presents. Presents are always welcome. Thanks, Misty and Jules!

Stache-Whisker glasses From Go Jules Go

If you’re interested in reading more about BlogHer 2012 adventures, check out these chicks who I met at BlogHer 2012:

BlogHer 2013 is in Chicago. Who’s going?

Favorite Comments From Last Post:

  • “When people ask you what happened, tell them you got into a wrestling match with a lion, and whooped it’s ass.”—Does This Make My Blog Look Fat?
  • “We rescued a teensy stray kitty this weekend… she’s only 3 or 4 weeks old and already my floor exercises offend her.”—Sugar Dish Me

Who Wants a Chocolate Zombie Bunny?

Who’s going to BlogHer 2012 in August?

I see Misty jumping up and down with her hand raised. Anyone else? Anyone? Bueller?

You should go. It would be nice to meet you. But promise me you won’t be disappointed when you see that I’m not always hanging upside down from a beanbag in real life, ok?

Even if you’re not going to BlogHer, do you think you could vote for one of my posts?

I couldn’t decide between How To Ride a Mechanical Bull and Candyman, Candyman, Candyman….

If you like them, please vote here:

Quid pro quo.

In return, I’m giving away this zombie chocolate bunny. All you have to do is vote for me on BlogHer (or just say that you did–I’ll still give you the bunny) and then leave me a comment.

Make sure you leave your comment here  or on this post on Facebook before Friday at noon when I’ll randomly pick a winner.