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Phew! My Baby Is Not Actually a Large Chipmunk

During our last specialist appointments, we found out our 5 pound and 6 ounce baby grew to 6 pounds and 10 ounces in about 3 weeks. At the last visit, she last measured 7 pounds and 13 ounces.

Technician and Doctor: Wow, that’s a big baby!

Me: That’s what everyone says. Soooo…when do we start considering a C-section as the only option? How big is she going to get? 10 pounds? 15?

Doctor: I think you’re looking at an 8- or 8.5-pound baby.

Sooooo…basically…since most babies are 7.5-8.5 pounds, I panicked for nothing.* Thanks. Thanks a lot.

*Except for her massive head. The 93rd percentile, people.

Baby Scout made her debut at 8 pounds 6 ounces and 21 inches long. Imagine if she had showed up on her due date. Imagine if she’d been late. :: shudder::

The other comment we constantly heard was “Look at those cheeks!”

I do love her cheeks.

Don’t you love how her little elbow chub looks like a butt in this picture? Or is that something only a mother could love?


“I have two butts.”

Scout’s cheeks were chipmunk-esque in utero. Obviously, she was practicing trying to take in as much Pop-Tarty goodness as possible.

Favorite Comment From Last Post: “I had no idea Ozzy was a boxer.”—BluzDude

Somebody Please Get a Clue

Haaaaave you met Jules? I can’t remember if we first bonded over our mutual love for Glee or vodka, but we definitely cemented our bloggy friendship with vodka at BlogHer.

Please give her a warm welcome today. If you’re nice to her, she’ll probably make you one of her chief chipmunks.

When Thoughtsy asked if I’d write a “Movies Teach Us” guest post, I didn’t hesitate. Movies have taught me so much. Thanks to the silver screen, I wasn’t long in this world before learning that killer bees really can kill, Reese’s Pieces are otherworldly-level yummy, and men fall in love with girls who actually would let you put them in a corner if it was up to them.

I recently watched my all-time favorite movie for the 10th 20th 30th time, and I thought it would be the perfect pick for today.


I totally didn't even pause before picking this movie.

I totally didn’t even pause before picking this movie.

Here’s what I learned:

  • “Showing a little skin” will only prolong your realization that yes, that hot guy who likes to shop really is gay.
  • The correct pronunciation of “Hatians” is HAY-tee-uns.
  • If you don’t wear your most capable-looking outfit, you will fail that driver’s test.
  • Only yellow plaid goes with yellow plaid.
  • They don’t speak Mexican in El Salvador.

My Cat Is a Slave to Fashion

Don’t let my cat fool you. She loves fashion. So when some bloggers sent me some stuff, Esme was all over it. Literally.

This work of art is from Thy‘s daughter, 13. You may recall the bat and penguin 13 and her brother sent me last year.

In response to this Hello Kitty rendering, Esme says…

To 13: Hello 13! I love your drawing. Only next time could you send Chococat? Chococat looks more like me.

To Thoughtsy: Thoughtsy, why the heck haven’t you gotten me a hula skirt yet?

Esme also had something to say about the slap bracelet from GoGuiltyPleasures.

Jules is cool, and she’s a new blog crush, and most importantly, she shares my love of Glee. She made me Chief Chipmunk, and I’m not entirely sure what that entails, but I’m think it gives me license to shove tons of cookies in my cheeks.

Go check out more slap bracelet pics and Jules’s blog!

Esme: How the heck does this thing work?

It’s not your fault, Esme. Slap bracelets were before your time….