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That’s a 10-4 on Evil Dead 4

Gimme some sugar, baby.

I’ll swallow your soul.

This is my boomstick.

Shop smart. Shop S-Mart.

Hail to the king, baby.

Brush up on your Bruce Campbell one liners because Ash is back!

As Blarney says, "Gotta love that chin!"

The other day my cousin told me that an Evil Dead 4 might be in the works. For confirmation, I checked the Deadites website…and it’s true!

Sam Raimi (Remember when I met Ted Raimi?) and Bruce Campbell are in!

Hells yeah!

With that knowledge, I send you forth to enjoy the weekend.

Reflection: Who Are You?

I’ve never been someone who makes New Year’s resolutions.

In fact, until I started dating Kiefer Sutherland, New Year’s Eve was just another day to me. I never stayed up to watch the ball drop, and I was usually in bed by 10:30….with a few exceptions.

This year I’m still not making any resolutions. Isn’t my 30 Before 30 List like a whole buttload of resolutions?

Anyways, the other night at dinner, Boo and Radley played High-Low. You go around the table and say the high part of your day and the low part of your day.

For example:

Low: My Pop-Tart was broken and crumbly.

High: I drank a milkshake for lunch. (My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard…. Sorry.)

So instead of resolutions, I am going to take  a moment to reflect on 2010 Boo-Radley-High-Low style.

Overall, 2010 was pretty good year. Here are the highlights:

So that’s my year in a nutshell. What were the highs and lows of your 2010? (You can use Thy as an example.)

I’ve been reading some of your blogs from almost the beginning, but many blogs are new to me. Sometimes I read a post, you mention something from your past, and then I feel left out.

As you look back on 2010, I’m asking you to post some of your highs and lows. What should I know about you?

Happy New Year!

Finding HorrorFind 2010

Kiefer asked him where he got the Starbucks coffee, and Gary snarled and spit coffee and fire out of his nostrils. His fingers nails grew into claws, and spikes grew out of his back and burst through his jacket. Then once he calmed down, Gary said Kiefer would have to pay $30 for that information. True story.

I also met Kristy Swanson aka Buffy the Vampire Slayer at Horrorfind. She was also in Flowers in the Attic. (I read about 50 VC Andrews books when I was younger.)

Kiefer and I took pity on her and asked for a photo because some creepy guy asked to take her photo, and then he took like 50 pictures and said things like:

  • Turn a little more to the right.
  • Now to the left.
  • Sit up straighter.
  • No, no. You’re doing it wrong.

We rescued her by jumping in. It was no stake through the heart, but I think she was grateful.

Kiefer and I had so much fun at Horrorfind. We saw celebrities, we saw awesome make up, we saw cool props, and we saw amazing costumes.

Someone dressed their child up as that little creepy monster from Trick R Treat. And because the kid was a bit shy, he moved really slow, and it was a bit unsettling.

There was a 12-year-old (anyone younger than me defaults to age 12…so in all fairness maybe he was 14) dressed up as a Pinhead from Hellraiser. I think the braces made the costume scarier.

Zombie Exterminators: 1-888-Wuz-Dead

One dark, stormy night you hear a thumping outside your house. You check all the doors and windows to make sure they’re secure. You grab your weapon of choice (wrench, noose, gun, candlestick) and enter the room of your choice (library, kitchen, billiard room, study) to look out the window.

Slowly pulling back the curtain you look and see…a zombie baby! No!

Ma-ma? Brains!

Knowing (and implementing) the rules from Zombieland (cardio) isn’t enough. You may not survive.

Who you gonna call? Zombie Exterminators!

I saw this van at Horrorfind, and thank goodness that I did because now I feel so much safer knowing I can rely on someone to subdue a zombie outbreak.

Write that number down. 1- 888-Wuz-Dead. Home of the Double Tap. Luckily these guys are tracking zombie outbreaks so you can be prepared and safe.

Their site also has some helpful FAQs. For example, did you know that monkeys and spiders can become zombies?

Can you become a zombie from sitting on the same toilet seat as a zombie? Only time will tell.

How I Met Ted Raimi and Brian Keene

Now…what you’ve all been dying to know….

No, I did not see Bruce Campbell. I’m a little disappointed, but I met some other cool people.

Ted Raimi

Ted Raimi was in Evil Dead and Army of Darkness with Bruce Campbell, so that’s pretty close.

He’s been in loads of movies, but I think the TV show I’ll always associate him with is SeaQuest DSV. Anyone else remember that show? There was a talking dolphin. And more importantly, Jonathan Brandis was in it. (I crushed on him when I was younger.)

Ted Raimi was so super nice. He let me take a picture with him for free! Why? Because I’m cute. Ok, that’s probably not why. All that matters is the fee was waved for mwah.

An amazing writer that I met was Brian Keene. I’ve only read Darkness on the Edge of Town (which I really enjoyed), but my little brother loves his books. So I bought Lunchbox a comic book signed by Brian Keene. Because I’m the best sister ever.

I’d post the picture of me and Brian here as well, but my arm looked fat in that picture. Not that it looks amazing in the picture above, but it looks worse in the my picture with Brian Keene. And we all know I actually have nice arms. Sorry for my fat arm tangent.

Brian, if you read this, please let me know if you’re available to take another picture. I was also wondering if you’d hire me as your personal assistant…and teach me about how to write since I can never seem to finish anything.

I was also just mere feet away from George Romero. We breathed the same air. I could have reached out and touched him. Literally. And without the help of AT&T.

More on Horrorfind later!