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Snow White Was Shorter Than Dopey

Because Kiefer and I are Halloween-obsessed, the day Scout was born (maybe the day after), he declared she would be Carlos for Halloween.

No. Just no.

After buying boy things for Boo and Radley for years, I refused to not have a cute girly outfit for her first Halloween.

So we compromised. She was Carlos just long enough to take one picture, and then she was magically transformed…into Snow White.

snow white

Please excuse the picture quality. Trying to get a baby to sit still and look at the camera is hard enough, let alone fix the lighting.

As you can see, Snow White was actually shorter than the dwarves. She also likes Snickers, not poisoned apples.

Searching For My Lost Shaker of Salt

Today is February 22: National Margarita Day!

Because today isn’t a holiday (It obviously should be.), I have to wait until after work to partake in some sugary-rimmed goodness.

Let’s right. I said it: Sugar rim. I choose sugar over salt. But really…does that surprise you?


After work, I’ll be enjoying a margarita-filled girls’ night out. If you’re nearby, feel free to join me. If you’re not nearby, fly out. Enter “GETDRUNKWITHTHOUGHTSY” in the coupon code box for a discounted ticket.

If you can’t make it, you must hate me I completely understand. Instead check out Vesta’s cocktail hour at The Cowardly Feminist.

Favorite Comment From Last Post: “Nothing wrong with living with your mom! Sensible young man, saving money for his future.”—Jill Pinnella Corso