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Whatever You Do, Don’t Look Down

I like to live life on the edge…in a safe kind of way.

Jump out of a plane? Hell no! I might pee my pants. The parachute might malfunction.

But climb a mountain and cross a 200-foot rope bridge? Sure. Why not?

That's not so high.

Last weekend I visited the Nelson Rocks Outdoor Center in West Virginia to do the Via Ferrata despite the following:

  • Snow.
  • 32-degree temperature.
  • I forgot gloves.
  • On the website’s FAQs, it says, “Is the Via Ferrata safe?” The answer is “No.”
  • The website lists climbing as “dangerous” (in red…the color of blood).

    "This terrifying!" or "I'm so cold, I can't feel my fingers." You choose.

Remember “Go Camping” from my 30 Before 30 List?

Obviously, I also forgot about how I almost died camping because if I had remembered, I probably wouldn’t have added #33. Do something outdoorsy to my 35 Before 35 List. (::Face-Palm::)

You mean I still have more to climb?

In all seriousness, the Via Ferrata was awesome.

Except I’m one of those people who hates to take breaks. While others were anchoring in to enjoy the scenery, I was like, Keep moving! I have a dozen cupcakes to burn off before they settle onto my thighs!

And I was worried that my fingers were frostbitten.

So I’m saying I need to go again…only when it’s warmer. Who’s going with me?