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I’m Gonna Need You to Iron My Undies

The day I moved in with Kiefer was a day of many firsts for our relationship. Mostly for him.

First #1: Tampons

Shaking his head, Kiefer emerged from the bathroom and said, “Do you know how long it’s been since I’ve seen feminine products in my bathroom?”

My extremely mature response may have involved chasing him around while tossing tampons at him.

First #2: Bras

Kiefer: There are bras hanging from the curtain rod.

Me: If you prefer, I can lay them out flat on the dining room table.

First #3: Wrinkles

I told Kiefer I would do all of the laundry if he would do all of ironing. He agreed, thinking he was getting a good deal.

Kiefer: Why are a gazillion of your tanktops in the ironing pile?

Me: Because they’re wrinkly.

Kiefer: Is this a pair of shorts, too?!

First #4: OCD

I’m a fairly neat person. Especially in the kitchen. No dishes are allowed in the sink. Ever.

Kiefer: Stop. Cleaning.

First #5: Only Pod People Turn Down Dessert

The other day I tried to make Oreo Truffles. Except the melted chocolate was giving me trouble.

Me: They’re ruined! I’m never making these again. (::tears up::)

Kiefer: Know what would cheer you up? Yogi Castle.

Me: I don’t want any.

Kiefer: Who are you?

Favorite Comment From Last Post: “I actually love you. We should hang out. And eat 9 cheese pizza.”—LKD