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Confession: I Don’t Like Peeps

It’s that time of year again. Time to overindulge on Cadbury Creme Crack Eggs.

I love that crack-filled chocolatey goodness, but the sugar…it disorients me. It allows me to get too easily distracted…by Peeps.

Their colorfulness draws me closer and closer. So preeeetty….

Then I think: I like marshmallow. And I like sugar. So I must like Peeps, right?

No. No, I don’t.


Me Pre-Pop-Tart. It’s not pretty.

Confession #2: I don’t like Peeps.

I know, I know. It doesn’t make sense. One possible explanation is the texture that I feel guilty biting the heads off of little fake animals. But exploding them in the microwave, that’s totally fine.

Favorite Comment From Last Post: “WHEW! What a relief. At first glance I thought you and The Hipster had crabs. And I couldn’t, for the life of me, understand why you would blog about it.”—SandyLand

It Feels Good to be a Gangsta

Whenever I see other bloggers, we tend to exchange gifts. Usually people give me Pop-Tarts, and I give…booze.

And I don’t do the classy thing and give a nice bottle of wine, I give flavored liquor…in tiny bottles…to carry in your purse and whip out in an emergency.

Why? Because you never know when you’ll need a shot of vodka…to sterilize a zombie bite. Obviously.

Are you following my logic here? Probably not. Just know that on this blog, everything comes down to 3 5 things:

  • Zombies
  • Pop-Tarts
  • Dessert
  • Key Lime Pie Martinis
  • Gifts for Me

Anyways…last weekend was all about Pop-Tarts and Gifts for Me.


Misty made me homemade Fig and Bacon Pop-Tarts.

I was so impressed with the homemadeness I blocked out the bacon part. You see…

Confession #1: I don’t really like bacon.

GASP! There are only 2 exceptions.

  1. The first is the bacon that’s crumbled up on salads that’s covered in so much brown-sugary-maple goodness that all you taste is sugar.
  2. The second is this:


Hesitant Bite #1


Need-a-Bigger-Mouth Bite #2

That’s right, Misty. Your Pop-Tart was yummy. I mean that in a undirty, uncreepy way.

But wait…that’s not all. I got even more Pop-Tarts! Some from Misty and more from The Hipster. (Note: I did not give The Hipster booze. I gave her cookies.)


The Hipster and I also had the 3 Cs this weekend: crab, chocolate, and ice cream. Life is good.

Damn, it feels good to be a gangsta Pop-Tartsta.

Favorite Comment From Last Post: “Honestly, if you’re being attacked by a shark, you’re pretty screwed no matter how many heads it has. (Except zero. If a zero headed shark attacks you, you’ll probably be OK.)”—The Cutter Rambles