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I Am My Mother’s Favorite Daughter

…I’m also my mother’s only daughter.

But I’m well on my way to being the favorite child…which isn’t saying much since my only competition is my brother, Lunchbox.

Last Christmas Lunchbox got my parents a Blue Ray DVD player.

Thoughtsy: What the heck, Lunchbox? Are you trying to make me look bad? We could have at least gone halfsies.

Lunchbox: Well, I missed a couple Christmases, so this makes up for it.

So this Mother’s Day I decided to bring in the big guns. Last weekend I took my mom on a Mother-Daughter trip…to New York City to see Newsies (which was awesome).

Take that, Lunchbox!

Now I just have to figure out Father’s Day. Usually Dad and I spend some quality time together…changing my car’s oil…so maybe I should buy him a car.

Favorite Comment From Last Post: “You made the right almost choice, though. If we can’t bond over processed sugars, what CAN we bond over?”—Late to the Party

Percy Q. Poodle

October 23rd was a very special day. Let’s look at my calendar, shall we?

October 23: PERCY!!!

You: Who the hell is Percy? Why is his name in all caps? Why does he get not 1 but 3 exclamation points after his name?

Percy is my brother (Lunchbox) and his girlfriend’s dog. His full name is Percy Q. Poodle.

You: What’s the “Q” stand for?

That’s exactly what I asked.

Lunchbox’s Girlfriend: Cutie, of course!

Of course. (You just rolled your eyes, didn’t you? Don’t worry, it’s cuter when she says it.)

Before I met Percy, I definitely teased my brother about the fact that he was getting a miniature poodle aka a drop-kick dog. Even when my brother presented the following argument, I laughed at him:

  • Poodles are crazy smart.
  • Poodles are super easy to train. They practically train themselves. (This is very important since neither my brother nor his girlfriend have ever had a dog.)
  • Lunchbox was establishing ground rules. For example, his girlfriend would not, under any circumstances, be allowed to carry the poodle in her purse.

But the laughing stopped when I met Percy Q. Poodle. Because he was a big tiny ball of cuteness.

A ferocious, sock-loving ball of cuteness.

Please Pass the Catch-Up

I love ketchup. Ketchup on onion rings. Ketchup on hash browns. Ketchup on french fries.

Sometimes I mix a little bit of mustard in the ketchup to tang it up. Mmmmm….

Puddin’: You sure do like your ketchup. (::watching wide-eyed as I shove my knife up the ketchup bottle to scrape it clean::)  Be careful with the knife.

Me: The onion ring is just a vehicle for the ketchup.

Kiefer  and Lunchbox (my brother) have made the same observation when we share food that comes with dips.

Kiefer: You sure do like crab dip. (::sliding the dip closer to him and away from me::)

Lunchbox: Would you like a little nacho with that cheese? Stop dipping, you dip hog!

Kiefer is a little more subtle about it.

Anyways, I just wanted to share my love of condiments and dip with you. Plus I’m putting some catch-up in my blog post today. God, I love the pun fun.

I’m a little behind with some awards I’ve been given.

One from Ms. Sass, one from Marina, and one from Spinny (I hope you’re ok with that nickname). 

Ladies, I salute you. If I missed anyone, I salute you, too.

I never know what the etiquette is for when you get the same award twice, but I wanted to let these ladies know I appreciate the award, and their blog post didn’t go unnoticed.

So now I’m caught up.

But what about you? Ahem. Have you completed your blog homework? Have you made the crack bread yet? Betty did. A+ for her!

The ABCs of Thanksgiving

With Thanksgiving being tomorrow, it’s important to give thanks (especially to the cook).

I know it’s easy to focus on all of that tasty food and forget about being thankful. That’s why I’m giving thanks now, so later I can give that huge plate of mashed potatoes and gravy my full attention.

Remember Randy from A Christmas Story? That’ll be me. Except there will be gravy. Lots and lots of gravy.

Here’s a list of things I am thankful for—ABC style:

  • Apple pie with ice cream
  • Blueberry muffins
  • Chocolate
  • Doughnuts
  • Esme (And Isabel and Teva)
  • Family and friends
  • Grandparents (As more of my friends’ grandparents pass away, I’m exceedingly grateful that all of mine are still alive and well.)
  • Home (I love my new place with Blarney, but I love that my parents’ home is always open to me.)
  • Ice cream
  • Job (that I have one)
  • Kiefer and the boys
  • Love
  • Mashed potatoes and gravy
  • Naps
  • Oranges (Real ones, not chocolate ones.)
  • Pop-Tarts (I know you saw this one coming.)
  • Quotes
  • Roommate (Blarney rocks!)
  • Shopping
  • Twinkies
  • Uranus (That planet always makes me giggle.)
  • Velveteen rabbits (Awww….)
  • Winter
  • Xanadu (Putting “xylophones”—the only X word I know—here just didn’t seem right.)
  • You (My blog readers are [to quote The Unabridged Girl] awesomesauce.)
  • Zombies

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Fairies Are Extinct

Lunchbox (my brother) left some of his writing for me to read in a folder called “Definitely not porn…this time.” Thanks, bro. But he also left me some really cool inspirational pictures for writing.

I love fairies. I’m almost as obsessed with fairies as I am with desserts. Almost.

  • Amy Brown pictures. Check.
  • Various Tinkerbell paraphernalia. Check.
  • My Little Kitchen Fairies. Check.
  • Fairy Halloween costume from years ago. Check.

In one picture, the fairy is beautiful; she’s glowing, and she’s so unhappy that she’s been trapped in a jar. She reeks of devastation.


Why is she so sad? Because she’s been caught. A fairy who once had free reign to roam anywhere she pleased is now stuck. Stuck in the tiniest jar imaginable. She can’t even stand up, let alone spread her wings. Any minute now her tiny light will be extinguished.

What was she doing right before she was caught by human hands? Was she a rebellious teenager? Maybe she was some place she shouldn’t have been. Was she an innocent and curious child lured into the hands of deceptive human spilling lies from his lips?

Maybe she’s just a fairy trapped by a child who probably forgot to poke holes in the lid.

This is why fairies are extinct today.

Come away, O human child! To the waters and the wild, With a faery hand in hand, For the world’s more full of weeping than you can understand.

William Butler Yeats