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Wolves Are the New Lap Dogs

The Seacrest Wolf Preserve offers a one-of-a-kind experience: a visit to the wolf’s world. For a few hours, I became part of the wolf pack, and those wolves welcomed me with open paws.

Before entering wolf territory, here’s what you need to know:

  • Wolves give muzzle greetings. Just like a dog. They want to lick and maybe even softly bite your face.
  • Wolves also like to greet your hands…with their mouths. Think of it as a handshake….with teeth.
  • No quick or sharp movements. It’ll scare the wolves. (Really? I’m going to scare a wolf?)
  • No loose items allowed except your disposable camera.
  • Wolves like hoodies. Hoods are toys.

This is Koko (but let’s spell it as “Cocoa”). Isn’t she gorgeous? I love her. I wanted her to come home with me. I’m pretty sure the feeling was mutual.

In the first wolf pack, I got to pet Kiowa and Teton, and I thought, “That’s it. I petted a wolf.” I even turned to Princess and said, “Mission accomplished. 30 Before 30 item completed.” 

How was I to know these wolves would take my experience one step further?

Upon visiting the second wolf pack, Cocoa gave me a muzzle greeting, played with my hoodie, and then made herself at home on my lap.


And there she sat while I petted her with one hand and she lightly gnawed on my other hand. It was like she was teething. Her light biting didn’t hurt at all.

Cocoa sat on my lap for a few minutes. It seemed like an eternity. I loved every second of it.

After visiting with Cocoa, we headed over to see the Seacrest puppies. Only they weren’t so puppish any more. We weren’t allowed inside with them because they were so rambunctious.

Next up was Spirit’s pack: the Arctic wolves. One wolf, Celeste, was particularly excited to see us. She made the rounds and greeted everyone in our group.

The wolf encounter was amazing. Not only did I get the physical interaction with the wolves, it was also a nice mix of education (I learned that wolves are a keystone species) and personalized stories (one Seacrest wolf can flat foot jump an 8-foot fence).

If you’re in FL (or even if you’re not), I’d recommend checking out the wolves. It was $15, and I spent about 2.5-3 hours in the wolf enclosures.

It was truly an unforgettable and one-of-a-kind experience that I’ll never forget…and can’t wait to do again!

#30. Pet a Wolf

Know what I did this weekend? Snuggled with a wolf at the Seacrest Wolf Preserve.

Move over, Taylor Lautner, these wolves are cooler. And, you know, real.

This is the first wolf that I touched at the preserve.

The one snarling and biting the other one. I  petted him. When I do something, I don’t half ass it.

That old guy isn't me.

I tried to name the wolf “Pete,” but apparently he already had a name. Humph.

No, his name isn’t “Humph.” That was my dissatisfaction at being unable to name a wolf.

The wolf’s name is Kiowa.

Now listen up because I’m going to edumacate you on wolves.

Kiowa is the Alpha Male. Alpha Males put their tales up to show that they’re the boss.

Kiowa is one cool, calm, collected wolf. Think of him as the Godfather.

And in that first picture, where Kiowa is biting his son—it’s all good. Kiowa is just teaching his son some manners. He’s not hurting him. It’s like spanking. Scary but not that painful.

After Kiowa approached and let me pet him, his Alpha Wife, Teton followed suit. (You can check out the magnificent Teton here.)

Want proof that I actually petted a wolf? I’m posting the picture later this week after I get my pictures organized.

Warning: Rollercoasters May Make Me Pee My Pants

Amusement Park time! Where’s that Six Flags old guy when you need him?Here’s a list of rides I refuse to ride because I tend to get motion sickness. And I’m dreadfully afraid I’ll pee my pants. 

  • Rides That Go in Circles
  • Rides With Sudden Drops
  • All Rollercoasters, especially…
    • Hurler (No explanation needed.)
    • Ricochet (“Guests hang on tight for 3 minutes of wild fun!” Or in my case “Guests hang on tight for 3 minutes of terror!”)

“But rollercoasters are fun,” you say. No. No, they’re not. You’re mistaken. 

When you look at a rollercoaster, this is what you see. 

As if that’s not terrifying enough, when I look at a rollercoaster, this is what I see. 


There are some rides that I enjoy riding. 

  • Carousels
  • Ferris Wheels
  • Most Water Rides
  • And these types of rides:

Last year I went to Kings Dominion with Kiefer, Boo, and Radley. I waited while they got on the rollercoaster, and a lady struck up a conversation with me. 

Her: Not a fan of rollercoasters? 

Me: No. They make me sick. 

Her: Me, too. It’s because of babies. Pregnancy messes up your equilibrium. I used to love rollercoasters, but I can’t do it anymore. So you have two children? 

Me: Yes…(::looking around::) yes, I do. 

To the lady at Kings Dominion, here’s my confession: I lied. Boo and Radley aren’t mine. Pregnancy didn’t mess up my equilibrium. I’m just a wuss. 

If I don’t ride the rides, why go to amusement parks? 

Food. It’s all about the food. Where else is it socially acceptable to eat cotton candy, a funnel cake, a sno-cone,  a chocolate chip cookie smore, and french fries all in the same day?

30 Before 30

Lists. Gotta love ’em. Search my blog for the word “list.” Do it. I dare you.

Without lists I cannot function. I sit around all day with my eyes frantically darting from one activity to the other, not sure where to begin, and wondering, “What to do, what to do.”

Pro Con lists are good, too. Which ice cream should I have today?

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream

Pro: It’s like having 3 desserts: Chocolate, ice cream, and cookies.

Con: I won’t be able to stop eating it.

Of course, there’s also the grocery list. I often end up rewriting my grocery lists because I need all the items in the same order that I find them in the grocery store. Otherwise I end up carting all over the grocery store, going up and down the same aisles over and over again.

Are you laughing at me? Staring at this blog with your mouth and eyes wide in disbelief? Well, poo on you.

Aww, come on…you know I was just joshing with you. I would never wish poo on you.

While I was flipping through some old journals, I found a list of things I wanted to do. So I’ve added to it, and now I’m posting the Ultimate List…the mother of all lists…a list for my life…my 30 Before 30 List.

Why am I posting it? So you can tease me when I don’t accomplish everything, of course. (They’re all gonna laugh at you….)

New Pick-Up Line: You Have Nice…Arms.

Pick-up lines…the best invention ever. They make me laugh. They make me laugh even harder when a guy says them with the most serious expression ever plastered on his face.

At least acknowledge my intelligence and that we both know you’re just trying to be funny and are hoping to win me over with your humor.

You are just trying to be funny, right? You didn’t actually expect me to swoon when these words escaped your lips, did you?

“Was that an earthequake or did you just rock my world?”

Queen of the F*ing Universe has a nice list of lines if you’re looking for a laugh. Or I suggest watching How I Met Your Mother to observe Barney Stinson’s strategies.

“Can I have your phone number? It’s for the bride.”


“My name is Barney Stinson, and I am on an urgent mission from the future. In a few minutes, the young me from your time is going to come through that door. In order to save the planet, you need to sleep with him. Tonight.”

Last Friday, while at the bar with Blarney, I heard a line I’ve never heard before.

You have nice arms. They’re yummy.

Complimenting me on my arms? Seriously? You couldn’t find any part of me that was prettier than my arms? I’m taking that as a criticism, not a compliment.

Maybe if my arm looked like this (from Geeky Gadgets), you could compliment me on it.


And “yummy”? Are you planning on biting my arm? My arm is not a chicken wing. Don’t look at it like you’re about to dip it in ranch or blue cheese.

Requirement for future husband: He may not ever refer to my arms as “yummy.”

Random Bar Guy, I award you 1 point for Originality.  And I’ll even award you 1 point for the Approach. Introducing yourself to someone is hard, so kudos to you for being brave enough to do it.

However, I deduct 100 points for…I don’t even know, but minus 100 points.